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Little T learns to share?

Apparently this is real...

TO's upcoming children's book

FRom the Dallas Morning News by way of Blogging The Boys

IRVING - You can attach many labels to the outspoken Terrell Owens.

But children's author?

The often controversial Cowboys playmaker, who made headlines last week for what was determined to be an accidental overdose, will now release his first children's book - Little T Learns to Share.

Dallas based publisher BenBella Books said it should hit bookstores in mid-November.

This is no tell-all, such as T.O., the book on his life he released this summer.

It's about a a young boy learning the value of sharing.

Little T, the title character, refuses to share his football at first but later realizes he can't enjoy his new ball without friends.

"I tried to play outside alone and throw it by myself, but football isn't football unless you play with someone else," Little T tells his mother in the book.

It's the first book of T.O.'s Timeout Series. The second book, Little T Learns What Not to Say is due in spring 2007, and the third one, Little T Learns To Say I'm Sorry comes out fall 2007. The other topics haven't been determined.

Mind Reader: Terrell Owens

"It's a life lesson for discipline," said Courtney Parker, the co-author who's known Owens since they were freshmen at Tennessee-Chattanooga. "It's ironic because he's considered one of the more undisciplined players in the NFL."

After Owens was released by the Eagles in 2005, he was talking with Parker on the phone about writing a book.

"We're watching television and the commentator said, T.O.'s behavior is so childish," Parker said. "And then [Owens] says, 'That's not a bad idea for a book. It should be about discipline since the world thinks I have none."

Someone said on BTB that the next book should be called "Little T learns to stay out of mommy's medicine cabinet"

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