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Jaworski: Reid calls run plays 28% of the time

Jaworski was on the morning show on WIP and had a staggering, albiet not surprising stat...

The NFL does not count a sack as a pass or a run. So while every sack has been a called pass play, it doesn't get counted as one in the end. QB scrambles, which on the Eagles are 100% of the time not designed and only because McNabb can't find an open man are counted as run plays... despite the fact that they are called pass plays.

So, using a stat he calls "Percent of Pass Plays Called(pass attempts + scrambles + sacks)" Jaws reviewed the Eagles game tapes and discovered that Andy has called pass plays 72% percent of the time. Seventy Two percent!

If you take it a step further and wonder how many times McNabb may have audible out of a pass into a run, the number could be even higher!

During Andy's tenure here he's convinced me of the value of the pass. I bought into his idea that this offense is set up by the pass... but how could any reasonable person think this is okay? Did I just take a step toward getting on the "Fire Andy Reid" bandwagon? I'm scared...

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