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NFL players vote T.O. most overrated

Let's take some time this bye week to point at laugh at other teams' misfortune... Because we have enough of our own

Sports Illustrated recently did a poll among NFL players asking who they thought the most overrated player in football is.

The winner? Terrel Owens, who led the way with 10% of the vote.

In second place was Bears' LB Brian Urlacher.

After Owens and Urlacher came Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis (7 percent), Falcons quarterback Michael Vick (7), quarterbacking Manning brothers Eli (4) and Peyton (4), Panthers receiver Keyshawn Johnson (4), Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (3), Packers cornerback Charles Woodson (3) and Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp (3).

The S-I report also noted that Roethlisberger, while receiving only 3 percent of the overall vote, got 10 percent of the vote from players from his own division, the AFC North.

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