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Eagles show what they are made of...


Let me apologize in advance that this might be a bit rambling...

In a must win game, at home, coming off two bad losses, and going into their week off... The Eagles turned in their most gutless, lackluster performance of the season going down 13-6 to the jaguars.

There is no one person to point at to blame for this loss. This was a team loss in every sense of the word. They were fully dominated on the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. McNabb wasn't terrible, but he wasn't good either. The receivers dropped 5 balls, McNabb was sacked 4 times, and when he did have time no one was getting open. They were penalized 8 times for 50 yards and seemingly every penalty came at the worst possible time. They were held to a season low 227 yards total and gave up a whopping 209 yards on the ground.

Jacksonville was without their starting QB, which didn't matter at all since he needed only 10 completions for 87 yards to beat the hapless Eagles. The Jags' offensive line pushed the Eagles front 7 around with little difficulty. They ran up the gut and to edge with success as the DTs were pushed back time after time and OLBs Matt McCoy and Dhani Jones were routinely sealed off. When the Eagles weren't blocked out of plays, their tackling was atrocious as Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew gained tons of yardage after the first hit.

The complete and total offensive ineptitude which saw the Eagles go 3 and out on their first 4 possessions and give the Jaguars fantastic field position the entire first half. If I remember correctly all but one of Jag's drives began at or better than the own 40. It took the #1 ranked offense in the NFL until there was 7:29 left in the first half to even cross the 50 yard line. The Eagles first 1st down came with 8:57 left in the half. A wide receiver did not catch a ball until the end of the 3rd quarter.

The special teams were terrible with penalties, poor punts, poor snaps, and surrendering a big punt return. Also, I can't forget the complete lack of any burst, speed, or generally threat of any kind from Reno Mahe in both kick and punt returns. Why he is even in the NFL is absolutely beyond me...

Some particularly atrocious plays... 4th down in the opponents' end, McNabb has all day and takes a sack. Allowing the Jags to convert 2 of 3 4th downs. A false start by Runyan AT HOME that pinned the Eagles at their own 10. There was a stupid hold on punt that Jags punter had put out of the back of the end zone.  There was the play where Westbrook elected to put his head down and take on two defenders rather than get out of bounds at the end of the game (not that it really mattered). There was the typical lack of urgency on the part of the offense in the final 2 minutes.

The only explanation from Andy Reid in his post game press conference is "We have to do a better job. I have to a do a better job getting them ready to play."

Are you kidding me Andy?

Also let me again bash the Philly media, who did go after Andy a bit more than last week, but still offered up this gem, "Andy, did you consider deferring the opening kickoff because of the wind?" Huh? The team gets out muscled and beaten in every facet of the game, shows no heart and the best you come up with is a question about deferring the opening kick?

Fox Sports? Jay Glazer is reporting that the Eagles have agreed to a deal with former giants CB Will Peterson and are awaiting his arrival in town to take a physical.

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