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Westbrook & Andrews - Indispensable?

ESPN's Michael Smith recently posted what he thinks is his NFL "All-Indispensable Team."

No Eagles made the "All-Indispensable" defense but two made the offensive team. Brian Westbrook and Shawn Andrews... Andrews seems to have vaulted himself into the national spotlight as now he's getting named to all NFL teams and not a week goes by where a TV analyst doesn't single him out for praise.

Here's what he had to say about them...

Brian Wesbrook

Best receiving running back in football, including Reggie Bush. Westbrook's injury probably kept the Eagles from reaching the Super Bowl in 2003. For a more recent example of how much he means to Philly's offense, go back and look at how it sputtered through the first half of the Green Bay game without him.

Shawn Andrews

Lost tons of weight in the offseason, now gaining reputation as one of the elite linemen in football. His improvement is a major reason Donovan McNabb is enjoying such good protection this year.

I can't agree more. Without Westbrook, this offense simply does not work and Andrews is probably the best draft pick not named "McNabb" Andy Reid ever made.

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