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The Philly media is WEAK

In the wake of the shocking, heart breaking, improbable Eagles loss to Tampa on Sunday I expected the typically ferocious Philly media to be peppering Andy Reid in his post game press conference.

I wanted answers for what happened and I wanted them immediately... Unfortunately, the reporters in attendance decided to toss some softballs.

The first 3 questions as I remember were as follows...

First, a Spadaro question. How a guy whose office is down the hall from the coach gets to ask the first question is beyond me...

Second, Andy is asked to speak about the way McNabb was able to bounce back in the second half? WHAT???? That's a question you ask when you just won a game! After the way the game ended that's the first question? Not, "what was wrong with McNabb when he threw those 2 picks for TDS?" Not, "why didn't McNabb throw into the end zone before the half?"

Then, instead of asking about the McDougle play or the FG or the drops or McNabb's first half, or the Avant fumble... They ask Andy to "talk about the Brian Westbrook touchdown."

I turned it off after that. No Eagles fan is interested in reading about Westbrook's great run or McNabb's big second half on Monday. Is this a product of the fat that Andy has been here so long? Is he so familiar and friendly with the Philly media that the reporters don't want to ask him the tough questions that need to be asked? The worst part is that Andy seemed pissed for once and was ready for the tough questions. It's like the Eagles are the White House, planting reporters in press conferences to ask softball questions to make the team look better.

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