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Reid calls a team meeting

Time to kick some ass Andy...

From the Inky

Eagles Report: Reid calls a team meeting

Normally Monday is a day when players come in on their own, to get treatment or possibly watch films, but reporting to the NovaCare Complex isn't usually mandatory.

That changed today when Eagles coach Andy Reid brought the entire team in for a meeting. The fact that the Eagles are 4-3 and lost all three games with fourth-quarter meltdowns, no doubt promoted Reid to meet with the team.

"I want them to have a chance to look at the film today and get rid of it and move on," he said.

During each loss, the Eagles have committed serious mental mistakes. On Sunday, Donovan McNabb threw a two-yard completion to L.J. Smith, who was tackled at the Tampa Bay 2-yard line as time expired in the first half. Since the Eagles had no timeouts, McNabb should have thrown the ball in the end zone, where the Eagles either could have scored or an incompletion would have stopped the clock.

"I wanted the ball in the end zone and it didn't go in the end zone and that is what happens," Reid said.

In the fourth quarter, Jerome McDougle was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct after he was called for a 15-yard facemask. Not only did the penalty nullify the sack, but the 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty helped set up a 44-yard field goal by Matt Bryant.

It's these kind of mental errors that have done in the Eagles.

"You can't do that in the NFL or the things that happen to us happen," Reid said. "We have to straighten that out and just as easy as you make them, you cannot make them and win football games. So that can be changed around."

Another very encouraging snippet from the story is that it seems Stallworth and Hood will be back this Sunday.

Wide receiver Donté Stallworth and cornerback Roderick Hood, who have both missed four games with injuries this season could both be back in action for Sunday's game at Lincoln Financial Field against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

When asked if both could play this week, Reid answered, "I think there is a pretty good chance. They are both working out today."

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