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Press Conference highlights: the assistants speak!

Jim Harbaugh

- Mahe is a game day decision
who cares?

  • Michael Lewis will play some special teams poor guy...
  • He thinks Dirk Johnson looked better
Jim Johnson

- thinks the 27th ranked pass defense is better than they are ranked, that they've given up some big plays but the stat is misleading.

does this mean you aren't going to change anything?

  • JJ is most concerned about their performance on 3rd downs.
  • Rayburn is going to see some more time
  • McCoy, Barber, & Howard are banged up but will all play
  • Lewis was "out of position" when he got beat.
ya think?

- Gaither got confused late when they were subbing lots of guys in and out. That's what led to 12 men on the field penalty

Marty Morningwheg

- Very noncommital about Willam Thomas injury(back spasms)

wouldn't surprise me at all to see Winston Justice start. Frankly, after the way Simeon Rice has owned Thomas over the years, I'm not too sad over this

- The problems they had converting 3rd downs is that they are getting in too many 3rd and longs

he's right, it seemed like every 3rd down last week was a 3rd and 12 or 3rd and 10. No team is going to consistently convert those. Perhaps a solution would be to not incomplete a pass on 1st down then run up the gut for no gain on 2nd down? Just a thought

- He'd like to get the halfbacks more involved

where were the screens last Sunday?

- He says they will run the ball more often and more effectively...

blah blah blah

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