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Was trouble getting the plays in to blame?

There's been a few articles written that lay the blame of the New Orleans loss on the defense and thier inability to stop them for the final 8 minutes of the game.

While there's certainly no excusing that and in the end they did need tomake a stop there... THe fact that there were no timeouts can not be ignored. That allowed the Saints, in a move I've never personally seen, to kneel on the ball 3 straight times to use up the clock. Now Andy has admitted that the reason they had no timeouts was that he had trouble getting the plays in.

I've got to do a better job of getting (plays) in sooner and then you add in there a little bit of the noise.

We had one game where the headsets went out, with (offensive coordinator) Marty (Mornhinweg) and I and the quarterback. There's a bunch of excuses you can throw in there. Bottom line is I've got to get them in there to the quarterback sooner and clearer.

Reuben Frank reminded us of the wasted timeouts. They burned one with 6:11 left in the third quarter before a third-and-11 -- which turned out to be an incomplete pass. They used their second with 8:40 remaining in the fourth quarter on a critical second-and-five -- which turned out to be a six-yard sack. And they used their final second-half timeout with 2:22 left when the Saints had a first-and-10 at the Eagles' 23.

While I'm glad that Andy has taken the blame... this isn't exactly a new problem. This is something he's struggled with for a few years. Andy calls the plays, but he doesn't speak to McNabb directly. He calls the play to the offensive coordinator who then relays it to the QB. All too often it leads to the plays getting in late and timeouts being wasted. So far this year it hasn't been a problem, but in the first test in a noisy dome Andy failed.

At this point my question is... if you know it's a problem and yo've taken blame for it, what are you going to do about it?

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