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Power Rankings

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Today let's check in where the experts around the country think the Eagles rank heading into this weekend's matchup with the Saints.

ESPN Rank #4 same as last week - With his injury, poor play and the T.O. mess, a lot of people forgot that Donovan McNabb is one of the best QBs in the NFL. No one is forgetting now.

CBS Rank #5 up from #6 - At 4-1, they have the look of a playoff team. Donovan McNabb and the passing game are clicking. The defense came alive against the Cowboys.

Real Football 365 Rank #6 up from #7 - The Philly faithful got their wish last Sunday, as the Eagles demolished the Cowboys and Terrell Owens in the process. More importantly, Donovan McNabb is getting the last laugh. The QB is clearly the favorite for the league MVP, having thrown 11 touchdowns against just one interception.

Fox Sports Rank #8 up from #9 - captured some of the stuff going on in the Lincoln Field parking lot over the weekend: Terrell Owens jerseys being lit on fire, Jimmy Johnson getting heckled viciously, and guys dressed as pill bottles with the number 81 on them. So, pretty much a standard Sunday tailgate in Philly. Well, the Iggles' fans got what they came to see. Philly outlasted Dallas and McNabb got the best of Owens. Philly now sits on top of the NFC East and heads to New Orleans for a battle between two of the league's surging division leaders.

Sports Illustrated Rank #9 up from #11 - I know I should have them higher, especially after that defensive masterpiece their coordinator, Jim Johnson, spun against Dallas (another team I picked to win, oh God!). Give 'em time. What I hate most is a defensive unit locked into a sedentary four-man rush that shows no imagination, but Johnson creates a constantly moving spectrum of blitzes and twists and zone blitzes, fortified by reserve linemen he can insert at any time. Simply beautiful.

And the special Fox Sports DVOA ranking which breaks down every single play of the season and compares each one to the NFL average based on situation and opponent and is considerd to be the system that takes the opinions and guesswork out of power rankings Has the Eagles ranked #3 overall, #1 in offense, and #7 in defense - Not only are the Eagles playing very well, they're winning games despite bad luck. The Eagles have a poor fumble recovery rate and the only field goal missed against them was a 54-yarder. NEXT: at NO

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