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T.O.'s return hands Fox a huge ratings win

From the Inky

It looks like Eagles/Cowboys game was the highest rated regular season game on Fox.... EVER

Terrell Owens' return to Lincoln Financial Field generated big TV ratings locally for the Fox network.

The Eagles' 38-24 win over Owens and the Dallas Cowboys was the all-time highest-rated regular-season game for Fox, which has been broadcasting NFL games since 1994.

Sunday's game had a 40.1 rating and a 64 share here, which meant it was seen in 1,179,000 households in the area and nearly two-thirds of the sets in use were tuned in.

Before that, the regular-season game with the highest rating for Fox in Philadelphia was the Eagles' 17-7 win over Arizona on Nov. 6, 1994, which drew a 38.4 rating.

Big markets such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco/Oakland and Boston have never had a regular-season rating as high as 40 on Fox.

Marc Narducci

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