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The Linc - NFL Combine Winners and Losers


Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/27/2014.


An OrEagles Offseason: A Guide to Offensive Free Agents/Draftable Players with Oregon Ties

I told (warned) you I would do an offensive version of my post about defensive players and here we are. I wanted to post it before the combine because of some predictions I make with some draftable...

Throwback Thursday: The Importance of the 3-Cone


A lot is made of players' forty-times and measurements, but a very important drill that is typically overlooked by fans is the 3-Cone drill. The drill is a good indicator of body control and...

BGN Round Table: MEGA Post-Combine Mock Draft


You wanted a Bleeding Green Nation-produced mock draft? You can't handle this BGN-produced mock draft!!! Or maybe you can, who knows? Anyway, four rounds and four guys...picking for NFL teams in...

DB Watch 2013: Dee Milliner


Day 4 is underway and we learned something new about the top cornerback prospect in 2013 NFL Draft. Dee Milliner told reporters who questioned his athleticism to "Watch the Combine." He definitely...

Combine, Day 4: Save Biggest Need For Last?


As we have highlighted in on our DB Watch series, defensive backs are at a premium for the Eagles this offseason. It is not a matter of if they have the need, but more, how much need to do they...

NFL Combine, Day 3: All About The Front 7


The offense has come and gone in Indy, and now it is the defensive players' turn to shine. First up are defensive linemen and linebackers. Note: Absent from drills will be Star Lotulelei, who was...

Reports: Lotulelei has heart condition


Star Lotulelei is considered to be a top player in the 2013 NFL Draft by practically every analyst in the country. Unfortunately for Lotulelei, his medical tests at the Combine revealed a heart...

Has Geno Smith literally run away as the top QB?


Despite several analysts, coaches, and scouts ultimately questioning the strength of the 2013 quarterback class, the reported top guy, Geno Smith, put on a show today at the Combine. With his...

2013 NFL Combine, Day 2: Show Me The Money


While Day 1 offered plenty of interesting scouting and media nuggets for fans to enjoy, Day 2 is where the names on offense do their work. Quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers will take...

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