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Donovan McNabb Arrested for a DUI in January


According to a report, former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was arrested for driving under the influence back in January.

The Linc - Former Eagle Shawn Andrews on Hazing


Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 11/9/2013.


Eagles vs Chiefs Flash Video: Let's Get It On

We ready for 'em

Philly fans who still love McNabb


Dan Steinberg points out how many people went to the Redskins' most recent preseason game with McNabb jerseys on, and then *GASP!* he talks to them. You mean somebody asked Philly fans how they feel about McNabb instead of telling us we hate him? Nice work on skipping the familiar narrative. This is weird, as we've known for a while now, and many of us have different opinions about seeing 5 in throw-up yellow and blood red. While you might expect varying opinions out of an entire NFL fanbase, I appreciate Dan bothering to ask. And I keep seeing weird examples of Eagles-Redskins love down here, like Va. redskins plates in Eagles frames. 5, keep us conflicted even after he's gone.

NFL.com bashing McNabb


An article about McNabb's "Hell Week" in Arizona with the receivers, but NFL.com decides to throw in some quick jabs at McNabb like these: "he sessions will be so rough and so intense, it will feel like playing in the Super Bowl. So all participants should expect to throw up in the fourth quarter. " and "And after a hard day’s workout, the players will get together and study the NFL rule book. Specifically the new overtime rules. And after that — air guitar! " I personally don't really care, just wanna know what you guys think

Phil Simms on the McNabb situation


Phil Simms, a Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants, examines whether McNabb is to blame for the losses to the Cowboys and 5's future with the team

McNabb's Downward Trend


Look at the chart that shows McNabbs qb rating. Thats rediculous. QBs should improve as the game goes on not get worst. I looked it up-McNabbs rating went from 105 to 77 from the first to the second half. Tell me again why we need to keep this guy?


How the Eagles Measure Up at Some Offensive Positions

Sportingnews.com is putting up some player ratings they got from Real Scouts and I just wanted to see what you guys thought about what they said so far.   Top 20 Quarterbacks 7. Donovan...

Reid Speaks; We Listen

By now, we're all used to Andy Reid's cryptic, at best, responses when dealing with the media.  When pointed questions are asked, Andy has masterfully side-stepped them or used his wordsmithing...

A Great Look at McNabb


Derek from IgglesBlog has stumbled upon a treasure trove of quarterback stats. It's an excellent read and I would suggest that everyone takes some time and checks it out. Some of the results will probably surprise you. They did me.

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