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Eagles defender says team played without passion in loss to Falcons

"I won't say we quit because I don't believe in that," the player said, trying to find just the right way to mince the words while still making his point. "No way we quit. No way, no how." Then came the inevitable hesitation. "We didn't have no passion and you have to have passion in this game," the player elaborated. "You have to want to throw everything you are out on that field on every play. You have to feel like you're playing with your teammates and for the fans and your coaches. Nothing, nada. No energy, no passion."

Andy Reid on Steve Smith's immediate future with the Eagles

"He had a small micro fracture, but all of his ligaments and cartilage was intact... the knee is very stable, and he’s had no swelling in his knee throughout the whole process. He’s been running, and he started running routes this past week. We’re just going to bring him back slowly and see what he can do. We’ll get him in a formal rehab with [head trainer] Rick [Burkholder] and we’ll just see exactly where he’s at. It could be three weeks….I don’t know. I have to see how he does here. We know he’s a fine football player, and we just need to get his leg where it needs to be." Here's proof positive of the philosophical difference in the way that New York's and Philadelphia's front offices operate. Philly is willing to invest/bet a few million dollars and a couple weeks of rehab on a proven, top tier NFL talent. The Giants tried to strong arm'em into a crappy deal.

Philly.com terrible article about Reid's reaction to Akers' missed FG's

I think the writer is completely off base here. I don't think Reid was looking to call out Akers here. I hate Philly.com . . . what do you guys think?

Under Review: Breaking Down the Breakdown

CSNPhilly Breaks Down how Big Red & D-Jax break them down... Details on the design of the play that uncovers 6 when opposing Ds are in cover-2. I wish there was a vid on the site, cause I always love watching & rewatching this play in all its variations.. but I've never actually taken a deep look at it. Now that I know what to look for, I want to.

The Onion skewers Andy Reid

At least give the man credit for losing some weight this year!

Andy Reid is a Dodgers fan

Turns out Big Red grew up right next to Dodger Stadium

Asante Samuel & Shawn Andrews both return

Asante Samuel returned to practice today after finally getting over a hamstring injury and Andy Reid told reporters that Shawn Andrews would report to Lehigh sometime today.

Fan-Demonium: Looking Back, He Was The One - Philadelphia Eagles

Tommy Lawlor bringing it again with some good words about the Coach on PE.com

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