"You know you can’t control destiny? Destiny is predetermined set of events. Therefore, if it’s predetermined, you can’t control it."

- Chip Kelly

DraftKings contest winner


"Hi milroyigglesfan, Congratulations—you were the top finisher from your team’s blog in the DraftKings contest last week! I’ve put an extra $10 site credit in your account. "

Josh Levin-Scherz Marketing Manager

Cary Williams to Bruce Arians: 'Let's not be crybabies'


"Let's not be crybabies, man," Williams said Tuesday, via Philadelphia Magazine. "I thought the refs kept them in the game to some degree at times. But it's football, man. It's about going out there and executing. If they came in here with a different attitude, maybe not so nonchalant, thinking it was going to be a cakewalk. ... "I'm not big on teams sending stuff in, and 'This is what needs to be called.' Play the game, dude. It's football, man. Either you come in and win or you blame it on the refs. Don't blame it on the refs, blame it on your preparation that week. I've never been a fan of coaches sending stuff into the refs unless it was blatant. To me I didn't think there was anything blatant out on the field."


RG III still not interested in speaking to McNabb


"I don't think Donovan is an idiot by any means," RG3 said. "But right now, it's probably best we don't talk."



"This is my 37th season doing the Eagles, and I've never gone into a first preseason game having less of an idea of what I'm about to see." - Merrill Reese

Merrill Reese on what he's expecting to see from Chip Kelly's first preseason game as Eagles coach.

Andy is still Andy


The Kansas City Star reported Wednesday that the Chiefs didn't call a running play during the team portions of the first two days of training camp.

LOL, McNabb "I never let anything get up under my skin."


* Andy Reid has said one of the reasons he drafted you in '99 over Daunte Culpepper and Akili Smith and Cade McNown was that he felt you were wired right for Philadelphia. That you could handle the intense fan and media scrutiny that goes with being the starting quarterback in this town. Agree? "I think I was. He understood that I wouldn't let anything bother me. Anything could happen around me, and as long as everybody was OK, I was fine. I mean, I was introduced to it at the draft when they booed me. It was funny. I started laughing. I was like, did they just boo me? I had never seen or heard of anybody getting booed when they got drafted. It was an awakening. After that, it was, I'm just going to go out and prove a point every time. I never let anything get up under my skin. I think that's the thing that bothered people the most. That I kept smiling, kept moving."

49ers trade for Eric Wright, could Nnamdi Asomugha be in trouble?


Breaking: Tampa trades CB Eric Wright to the 49ers for a conditional late-round pick.

— Josina Anderson (@JosinaAnderson) July 19, 2013 The Tampa Bay Bucs are showing that even high-priced starters aren't safe over the next few weeks. The 49ers prove that Nnamdi Asomugha's stint in Philly likely wasn't a fluke.

Cowboys Josh Brent to retire months after being charged with intoxication manslaughter


Filing to @FoxSports: Cowboys DL Josh Brent to retire to focus on off-field issues. More coming.

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) July 18, 2013 Brent is charged with the death of former teammate, Jerry Brown. Brent was driving the car that was involved in a crash that killed Brown.

Kyle Quinn is gone, Michael Bamiro is here!


#Eagles officially sign rookie free agent OT Michael Bamiro this morning and release C Kyle Quinn.

— Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) July 17, 2013
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