Cary Williams becoming a leader :about Riley Cooper and him


"Now, me and him have grown, and we've been able to establish a relationship. We talk about everything, especially football. We're trying to get better and trying to make each other better. He's a part of our family, he's a part of my family, and I look forward to him doing big things this season." pretty cool to see a guy who can come off as abrasive at times put aside any b.s. in the past and take an active leadership role, i respected Cary before, but he's really earning my respect as a great teammate now that brings a physicality to the locker room

Watkins mentioned Eagles in pre draft blog as one of best fits


The Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins are two teams where I feel like their systems fit me very well. A number of other teams I met with – outside of all the ones I detailed here – asked that I not talk about our meetings, so I have to respect those requests. You will some additional information here on if one of those teams winds up selecting me.

This was posted in his pre draft Path to the draft blog which you can read here: This is the article and you can see his other posts at the bottom.

eagles release desean jackson


gang concerns were too much of a concern

@eagles have released @DeseanJackson10 in a statement after careful consideration

— Howard Eskin (@howardeskin) March 28, 2014

ahh what the heck is going on? this all a big game?


Desean Jackson ‏@DeseanJackson10 3m Good to Talk to BIg Chip today !! Say or hear what ya want !! The Picture speaks for itself !! Winner…

Expect Manziels stock to drop....ALOT


"Last week, I had breakfast with a current NFL offensive coordinator. We spent some time talking about the interviews during the NFL Combine in Indy. Here's the shocker to some degree ... he asked Manziel what he would do in certain scenarios -- based on what the defense was showing. He said that Manziel answered each time, that he didn't know, couldn't answer the question ... and that he wasn't taught the nuances of the QB position A&M. "They just snapped me the ball and wanted me to make a play," was his general response when asked."

if this is true, Manziels value will free fall

Jimmy K getting RIPPED on WIP


Philly media in a "Howie Roseman circle jerk" (is there a hyphen in circle jerk?)

Whoever is on WIP after Ant & Rob

IS Byrd The Word?


jairus byrd ‏@jairusbyrd ·6 mins @PatrickChung23 yo, u change your #?

‏@jairusbyrd ·6 mins at 4 PM Friday March 7

Byrd Flys South?


Sources: Bills will not franchise tag Byrd

— WGR 550 (@WGR550) March 3, 2014 Buffalo 550 Twitter Page

Evan Mathis on Michael Sam, legal weed


''NFL players shouldn't judge Michael Sam based on his sexuality but some guys will. MLB players shouldn't have judged Jackie Robinson based on his skin color but some did,'' Evan Mathis said. ''Whether or not the NFL is ready for it, it needs to happen. There are still people on this Earth who lived through the prohibition of alcohol and the Civil Rights movement. They can look back and reflect on how primitive those times were. ''Current generations will look back at marijuana prohibition and gays having to fight for equal rights and think how primitive those times were.''

Yahoo Sports

Romo Ruled out


Tony Romo ruled out for rest of the season. MRI showed back injury.

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