Look Who I Ran Into In Atlantic City!


So there I was, with my lady, strolling through the catacombs of the Tropicana Casino. I go upstairs to this nightclub and stand at the balcony entrance. The bouncer says to me, "Hey, do you see that guy in the black tank top"? I look down and spy a pretty solidly built African American. I say, "Yeah, I see him". He looks me right in my face and says, "That's Lesean McCoy. He just left here". After accusing the poor bouncer of all sorts of lies, I rush back down the steps, grab my girl, and update her of what I was just told. I only need to travel a few feet to realize the bouncer wasn't jerking me around. Standing right next to me is the NFL's leading rusher and our beloved tailback, Shady McCoy. First, I said "Oh Shit"! Then I told him that he's Lesean McCoy, (HA)! He gave me a pound and I proceeded to inform him that I am from Brooklyn. He told me he has "peoples up there" as well. I told him how much I hate the Giants, and he agreed. Then he was gracious enough to take this photo with me and my wife. Shady is a true class act, and actually quite humble. And built like a mini tank; his size on T.V. is quite misleading. Truly a great experience and one I couldn't wait to share with you guys on BGN.

Kelce and Chief


Eagles center Jason Kelce was seen hanging out with Philadelphia Flyers coach Craig Berube on Thursday. Don't forget that you can meet Kelce tomorrow in Philly. More info here.

Eagles legend Chuck Bednarik as a B-24 gunner during WWII


Someone on r/NFL posted a picture of his grandfather (top right) in a military photo with Eagles Hall of Famer Chuck Bednarik (bottom left). Bednarik served in WWII as a waist gunner before he started his professional football career playing for the Eagles.

Check out Brandon Boykin's custom rims


BoyKING. (H/T Eagles long snapper Jon Dorenbos.)

Mychal Kendricks plays with a Chip on his shoulder


Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks brings a new meaning to an old phrase. (Via Kendricks' Instagram: mykey_k)

Howie Roseman Trade Magic


A look at how the Eagles' draft picks have improved since the start of the 2014 NFL Draft. Good work by Howie. (H/t Jimmy Kempski of

Marcus Smith has very long arms


The original Marcus Smith spider graph had him compared to 4-3 defensive ends. It's now been adjusted for 3-4 outside linebackers. Check out those long arms! (via

Johnny Manziel and Dez Bryant hanging out


Johnny Football in Dallas would be just too perfect. Make it happen, Jerry Jones.

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