The Linc - Connor Barwin as a primary pass rusher?

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/9/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

More Chances for Barwin - Iggles Blitz
While the Eagles would like to mix things up, they don’t want to do too much of that. Barwin covers the best of the OLBs. Cole is the best pass rusher. Confusing the offense is important, but not at the risk of having players do things they aren’t very good at. Barwin lacks the explosive first step to be a top pass rusher. Cole lacks the instincts to be at his best playing in space.

[BLG Note: 100% agree with Tommy here. Bold emphasis is mine.]

Eagles notes: Birds kick tires on massive NT, and we round out the top 20 QBs -
12) Robert Griffin III: "Rookie year RG3" might have been the 3rd guy on the list, but an ACL tear followed by a miserable 2013 season has raised a lot of question marks. My biggest concern would be, "Is he Michael Vick 2.0?" Is he a highlight reel guy with sporadic moments of greatness, who ultimately can't play from the pocket and will always be an injury risk?

All-22 Playbook Analysis With Chip Kelly -
As Training Camp fast approaches, learn more about head coach Chip Kelly's operation through The Kelly-strator feature, a weekly in-season exclusive as part of our Eagles Game Plan show. Following each game, Kelly and Eagles Game Plan host Brian Baldinger used the All-22 to break down the biggest plays and performances - from Kelly's debut at Washington to Nick Foles' seven-touchdown game in Oakland to the NFC East division championship win over Dallas. Here is last season's archive in one place.

Wake-Up Call: Coaches Remain High On Watkins - Birds 24/7
Much of the attention paid to Jaylen Watkins faded as the draft gave way to OTAs and minicamp. The more that was learned about the Florida product after he was selected in the fourth round by the Eagles, the more expectations grew. A team captain who ran a 4.41 40 on a bad wheel that can play safety and corner? Some wondered if he could make a push for playing time from the jump.

2014 Fantasy Outlooks: Philadelphia Eagles - CBS
I was skeptical of Foles heading into 2014 when the Eagles released Jackson, and he was in my early busts column in April. But the Eagles have done a good job to revamp their receiving corps, and I think Foles will be fine. He just won't be an elite Fantasy quarterback, and you shouldn't overrate him on Draft Day. If you put Foles in the same category of quarterbacks to wait for with a mid-round pick -- Tony Romo, Robert Griffin III, Jay Cutler or Cam Newton -- then you'll be OK. But if you're like my colleague Dave Richard, who has Foles ranked ahead of quarterbacks like Matt Ryan and Andrew Luck, I think that's a bit of a stretch.

Kempski's Corner: Which Eagles are overrated, underrated? -
On today's Kempski's Corner,'s Jimmy Kempski and Pat Gallen react to Nick Foles being labeled as overrated and discuss how other Eagles and NFC East quarterbacks should be categorized.

Jaws: Eagles' offense will be more horizontal - CSN Philly
"I believe it will be different," Jaworski said Monday on Philly Sports Talk. "Rather than a vertical passing game, in other words end zone to end zone. That’s what DeSean Jackson brought to the Philadelphia Eagles, the ability to stretch the defense, to force the corners and the safeties to turn their legs and go."

Is Dan Snyder holding onto the Washington team nickname for a new stadium? - SB Nation
Dan Snyder is motivated by his connection to his father ... and maybe even the potential for a new stadium.

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