The Linc - Reliving the Snow Bowl

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 7/2/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

More on Nick Foles being 'overrated': National NFL writer gets exposed on WIP -
According to Prisco, Foles' success was due to Chip Kelly's offense. That is actually a premise I can get on board with to some degree. Kelly's offense is certainly quarterback friendly, however, Prisco is way off on his reasoning why.

Better Defense - Iggles Blitz
Out of the list above, Cox, Smith and Kendricks are probably the 3 key players. Cox can be a difference-maker up front. He showed that at times last year, but needs to be more consistent. The light went on for Kendricks about midseason. The 3-4 needs a playmaker in the middle of the field. And Smith is pretty obvious. The 3-4 needs LBs that are outstanding pass rushers. If he can be disruptive off the edge, that helps the DL and the DBs. If Smith is more of a try-hard guy who can’t regularly affect the QB, the 3-4 won’t be all that effective without heavy blitzing.

Eagles Depth Chart: Defense - Birds 24/7
I really don't know what to make of Brandon Graham. Maybe he continues as a rotational player. Or maybe he's off the team. Everything's in play. Those within the organization have had a lot of good things to say about Travis Long. And the team signed Bryan Braman in the offseason to provide a boost on special teams.

Eagles have various options for kick returns - CSN Philly
The last kick returner the Eagles had who finished in the top 10 in the NFL was Brian Mitchell 12 years ago. They’ve had some electrifying punt returners, notably Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson, but it’s been four years since Jackson was really an effective returner and other than one Damaris Johnson touchdown in a meaningless game late in the awful 2012 season, the Eagles’ punt return game has been ineffective the last few years as well. Which brings us to 2014.

Snow Bowl Described By The Players -
In the final days leading up to Training Camp, we at are going to re-post some of our favorite features from the past season. As a heat wave kicks off in Philadelphia, it's only fitting to look back at the most memorable game of the 2013 season. A game that will be forever known simply as The Snow Bowl ...

NFL bans the coolest player facemasks - SB Nation
The NFL will be cracking down on larger, "overbuilt" facemasks for the 2014 season, the league announced in a memo sent to players and teams on Monday, via The league also released a statement confirming as much on Tuesday, saying that the use of non-standard or overbuilt facemasks will be prohibited as part of a "continuing effort to protect players from unnecessary risk."

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