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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 6/9/2014.

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Lots of factors for Foles and Eagles when it comes to contract - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
The pressure Nick Foles will shoulder this coming season has virtually nothing to do with his contract situation and almost everything to do with being a starting NFL quarterback. While it is true that players at other positions have folded under the weight of a contract year, the weekly in-season demands placed on quarterbacks are so grand that playing for a new deal is just a natural part of the process.

Bennie’s Getting Bigger - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
I know some people want a mammoth NT, but Logan can get the job done. The added bulk will help him to anchor against the run, but he’s also light enough to still move well. The Eagles like to move the DL around with loops and stunts. Logan’s athleticism helps him to be effective when they do this.

Fan-Demonium: The Eagles And Homegrown Talent - Tommy Lawlor,
Player development is crucial to a team’s ability to sustain success. There is a reason that some good teams stay good and some bad teams remain bad. Bad teams have higher picks and should be bringing in more talent. But if that team doesn't develop the talent, you end up with wasted draft picks. You must draft the right players and then you must develop them.

Eye On the Enemy: NFC East Roundup - Birds 24/7
The moment in the first round of last month's NFL draft that generated the biggest buzz was when the Cowboys were on the clock and had a chance to take Johnny Manziel. Dallas owner Jerry Jones said previously that the team was not giving serious consideration to taking Manziel, but he recently changed his tune.

Stanford Ties: Ertz helping absent Reynolds - CSN Philly
When OTAs began last year in Philadelphia, tight end Zach Ertz was back in California finishing his degree at Stanford. Now he’s helping a fellow Cardinal-turned-Eagle, safety Ed Reynolds, make the same transition.

Redskins' DeSean Jackson blames failed holdout with Eagles on his former agent Drew Rosenhaus - Rand Geltin, Yahoo!
Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson says his former agent, Drew Rosenhaus, was the driving force behind his ill-fated holdout with the Philadelphia Eagles in the summer of 2011, according to a legal filing obtained by Yahoo Sports. Jackson says he hired Rosenhaus, in part, because the agent assured him he had "close ties to Eagles management" and could persuade the team to renegotiate the wide receiver's contract "before or during the 2010 NFL season." At the time, Jackson still had two years remaining on his deal.

Developmental league has support, no launch plan - Barry Wilner, AP
When Troy Vincent mentioned in April the NFL's interest in establishing a developmental league, he couldn't have imagined the response it would get. "I got more than 100 proposals," he said with a laugh. "I think that shows it is worth a look." And that is what it will get, although the NFL has no timetable for establishing such a league.

The NFL's extravagant demands for Super Bowl host cities - RVB, SB Nation NFL
In order to deliver a Super Bowl, the NFL wants free luxury hotel rooms, police escorts and tax exemption from the host city. A leaked report reveals the league's 153 pages of requests for the 2018 Super Bowl in Minneapolis.

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