What if American Natives found the name Eagles to be offensive?...Poll

There was a heated and passionate discussion earlier today regarding the name of the Washington Redskins. Some argued that the team was offensive and insensitive to American Natives and should be changed, and some argued that many American Natives don't take issue with the name at all. I'm not writing this post to argue anymore whether or not that particular name is offensive or not, but more so to play devil's advocate to see how we would feel if our team name was under massive national scrutiny. This is not an attempt to troll rather a chance to see how we would feel if we were in Redskins fans shoes. I will present a case for why the name "The Philadelphia Eagles" could be offensive to some, and the question I'd like to ask is, no matter how weak the argument I present is, if a population... a significant population of people felt the name was irresponsible and offensive, would you support a change in the team name? Again, i'm writing this merely for us as Eagles fans to look at things from a different perspective, and I truly don't find the Eagle to be offensive, but for arguments sake I will make the case. Please respect each others views and remember I'm writing this for us to entertain a different perspective that rings home for us.

Why the Bald Eagle is Offensive to Native Americans to Use as Mascot

1. The Bald Eagle is considered to be the messenger to God in some Native American cultures. It was/is believed to carry messages of prayers from humans to their creator, in turn making them a religious figure.

2.The Eagle Feather is considered Sacred to Native Americans

3. They are believed to have a spiritual connection with God

4. The Eagle was considered to be the cause of Thunder and some tribes considered the eagle to be a spirit.

5.Native Americans believe that the creator chose the eagle to be the master of the sky

6.Wearing an Eagle feather allows the creator to take immediate notice of ones self, in a way your honoring the creator by adorning one's self with the feathers of an Eagle.

7. It is illegal to own, possess, or sell Eagles feathers because they are a protected bird, but American Natives are granted special permissions so that they can be used for religious and and traditional ceremonies.

So here we have seven examples of how the Eagle is a sacred religious aspect of American Native Culture and Religion. I think most people would agree having Jesus, or Allah, or other religious symbols would be rather inappropriate to have as team mascots because they are regarded as such sacred beings. So If the American Natives decided that they take offense to the Bald Eagle being used as a team mascot, would you support that movement?



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