Eagles OTAs: Chip Kelly impressed by Mark Sanchez

Jim Rogash

That makes one.

If you've kept an eye on practice reports from the Philadelphia Eagles OTA sessions recently (and hopefully you have been here), it's no secret that Mark Sanchez hasn't had a smooth start to his Eagles career. That's probably putting it lightly.

He just hasn't impressed in the few OTA practices that have been open to the media. Sanchez has made a number of bad throws where he's been picked off or overthrows his target. To the credit of Sanchez, there have been good moments as well, but the overall performance has just looked inconsistent. Despite these struggles, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly says he's been impressed by Sanchez so far.

He's done a really nice job.  Unique situation for Mark because he's probably ahead of where Nick [Foles] and Michael [Vick] were last year because he has Nick to rely on.  So everything was new for everybody in the quarterback room last year.

Now when you add Mark to the room, he's learning from Nick; he's learning from Matt [Barkley].  And he's got guys that have been through it before.  He is really sharp and he work extremely hard.  He's got a great work ethic and really, really wants to perform.  Spends a lot of time and asks a lot of really good questions. And he also has probably a lot more experience than a lot of guys.  He's played in this league for a long time and has got 60‑plus starts.

Been real impressed with how quickly he's picked it up, and for him it's really just learning new terminology.  A lot of the routes are things he has done when he was with the Jets.  It's just trying to say, it's called this here and now it's called this now that I'm with Philadelphia.

But I've been impressed with his football background.  He's still working through his shoulder. I don't believe he's 100 percent now but he has not missed any reps, so I'm real impressed with him so far.

That last note is interesting. Sanchez suffered a shoulder injury that caused him to miss the entirety of the 2013 season. Couple Sanchez's injury with the fact that he's in a new scheme with new teammates and it's no surprise to see why the veteran QB is going through some early struggles. It's quite possible that Sanchez improves over time as he adjusts to the scheme and his injury heals. However, it's also easy to see why some are reluctant to give him the benefit of the doubt due to his struggles with the New York Jets.

For now, Sanchez continues to be the number two quarterback during team drills. He even completed a number of passes on Tuesday to his favorite target in the form of rookie wide receiver Jordan Matthews. Meanwhile, second year quarterback Matt Barkley takes repetitions with the third group. While it seems apparent that Sanchez has the edge over Barkley for now, Kelly downplayed this notion.

If anybody is trying to make anything of who is playing what or how many reps, all we are trying to do is see if we can get three reps a minute as fast as we can go, get it on tape and coach off of that.

So there's nothing to read into who is where, what, whatever, because we're not playing a game until September.  We are just trying to get as many plays as we can possibly get.  So I would not read anything into who is where or what.

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