2014 Birds Draft Manifesto

I have been trying to figure out how I wanted to give my thoughts on this draft for a while now. The conclusion I have come to is this draft is going to be so crazy there is no real good way to do it. I think many of the positions of greatest need are not going to be where the value matches up for the eagles picks so that's one of the major challenges, but I will go into that more later. One thing I saw and really liked was the 700 levels idea of picking someone in each round that is projected to be available at a particular position. Once I started doing this I really started to see where some of the round value I felt was at a particular position and realized I could barely come up with a name for each round for certain positions. So for a preview I am going to give a quick overview of my feelings of positions of need and why they are a need. Then get into a pick per position per round in each of those needs so I will be skipping positions like QB and RB for my own sake.

Position of need overview
Before I get started I want to point out I will be using this story that was posted on BGN to reference our rankings.
I will also be using Spotrac to get my info on salaries.

1. 3-4 OLB
It's no secret the eagles need to get younger and upgrade the pass rush. They were 31st in the league last year in sacks/attempt and in the bottom 3rd in 3rd down conversions allowed. Trent Cole will be 32 during this season and next year will have a $11,625,000 cap hit with only $3.2 in dead money if we cut him so he is pretty much all but gone after this season. We have nothing in the pipeline as a replacement with Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry not being great fits. The problem with this draft as I will get to is I don't think there is great top end talent going to be available for us to replace him this year. I like a lot of players but I see almost all as projects and no real players I feel really great on having to take over next year as a full time starter. I do however think there is some real potential on making a move for a miscast player with all of these teams switching fronts for a guy like Dion Jordan or Jerry Hughes who along with mid round project I would feel much better about losing Trent Cole. Bottom line pass rush helps the defense on all levels and even with Trent Cole here it needs to be upgraded.

2. Safety
Another obvious need. Ever since we lost my and probably many others favorite eagle of all time in Dawkins we have been searching for a replacement. I think it will be hard to ever find a player of Dawkins level again as he was one of the all-time greats at his position, but we do need to find someone who is at least a quality starter. Dead last in the league against the pass last year was no real coincidence. We just don't have great talent at the safety position. Malcom Jenkins is an upgrade but probably not a significant one. Not one that will change this dead last passing defense into a top 10 passing defense. We really needed at least two upgrades at the safety position. Earl Wolfe showed some promise as a rookie when he was on the field but in no way looked like a sure thing as a starter. Nate Allen is on a one year deal and not an upgrade. This year's safety class pales in comparison to last years and after the top three (IMO Ha-Ha, Pryor, and Ward) I don't see anyone who is a justifiable starter week 1. I don't want to reach on a safety just because we feel like we need one.

3. WR
We all know Desean is gone, but beyond that Maclin is on a one year deal and coming off a major knee injury and Cooper has had one really good year, can he reproduce without D-Jax. We will find out this year, my best guess is we will be okay, however we really could use adding one or two pieces to our WR core. Don't sleep on the loss of Avant either. He has been a productive slot receiver for us and able to make the big 3rd down grabs throughout his time here. This class is loaded with talent as we have all heard, with guys in the second round who would most likely have been first rounder's in many other years.

4. CB
I don't hear enough people talking about how big of a need CB is. We were dead last in passing and that all doesn't just fall on the safety play. Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher played well, but in all honesty Williams is more or a 2 and Fletcher is more of a 3 on a good defense. Cary Williams will be 30 by the end of next year and is due $8,166,667 in 2015 the final year of his contract with only $1,666,667 in dead money if cut. I can't see him being here in 2015 unless he turns in a pro bowl performance of takes a big pay cut. Bradley Fletcher is in the last year of his deal so there is a good chance he is gone as well. The one bright spot in the secondary last year was Brandon Boykin the self-proclaimed best nickel corner in the game, and he might be right. He is signed through 2015, but will be looking for big money after that. He will also most likely want an opportunity to play outside and who knows if he can handle that. Nolan Carroll was a very good pickup as a number 3 who can push to be a number 2 however he is only signed through 2015. We need a true number 1 CB who we have contract control for the next 4 years. If we want to go CB in the first round I think there will be an opportunity to get just that. There is some nice depth in the middle rounds of projects in this class as well.

5. ILB
DeMeco Ryans has been one of the best players on our defense. We were actually much better against the run last year than we get credit for and he was a big reason why. He will be 30 at the start of next season and come with a hefty $6,900,000 contract for the next two years. He could easily be a cap casualty after this season and we have no one to replace him or what he has meant to this defense. Mychal Kendricks has been good and will get paid so it would be nice to have a young guy with cap control to plug into Ryans spot. I do think there is some nice talents that will be available in the middle rounds who can learn under Ryans for a year and look to replace him in 2015 or 2016 depending on what we do.

6. OG
This is another position I think that has been extremely downplayed for how much of a need it really is. Nick Foles and Shady were ridiculous last year and a big part of that is because we have one of the best OLines in the NFL. Todd Herremans will be 32 next season and his play was the weakest of the starting 5. He is due a pretty nice salary in 2015 of $5,200,000. Between his age, decline in play, and salary I find it hard to see him here in 2015. Evan Mathis has been great we all know that by now. The problem is he will be 33 by the end of next season and has the known fact of his contract dispute. I hope we can keep him until the end of his contract in 2016 but it will be interesting to see how that plays out and if he can keep up this production as he keeps getting older. Either way, both guards are getting old and even though I think we have some nice backups, that's all I think they are in the NFL. I think we need to look for someone who can step in after this season and not take a major step back in production. The good thing is I think this class has some nice depth a OG and we can get a guy in the middle rounds who might fit that bill.

7. NT
It seems like I am in the minority with all the Louis Nix love I see in the mocks that feel that Bennie Logan is going to be a very good player for us for many years to come. I loved the pick last year and was very high on him more as a 5 Tech, but I think he did a good job at NT in year one. He has supposedly put on 15 to 20 pounds of muscle and kept his athleticism. However after Logan the roster is void of quality backups. The good thing again is I think we could find a big space eater who still has enough athleticism to make it in the NFL in the middle rounds.

8. 5 Tech/ 3-4 DE
Cedric Thornton IMO was great last year. He is a RFA after this year and will likely be paid quite nicely. However after Cox and him I don't know if we have a great third option. Damion Square might be able to fill that role but as an UDFA last year he is no sure thing. I think with how much the D will be on the field with the fast pace offense we could use another solid rotational guy to give Cox or Thornton a break. There should be some nice players who could fit that bill all throughout this draft.

I am leaving off kicker for multiple reasons. I don't see how in one of the best drafts in years we could waste one of our 6 picks on a kicker as well as I don't think there is a kicker with a draftable grade. I would love to grab a UDFA to give Alex Henery some competition, but that's as far as I am willing to go to upgrade that position.

Players I think we could move

  • Brandon Graham is the obvious first name in everyone's minds. The first round pick of 2010 just doesn't fit here and would be better suited to start his career over somewhere else. I think he could be a nice role player in the right system as a 4-3 end, maybe even turn into a starter for the right team. He could probably be resigned on the cheap and we might be able to get a 5th/6th round value for him or include him in a package or a player for player move.
  • Bryce Brown is only 22 years old with very little wear on his tires and has proven to be successful in the NFL when given the chance. I believe he has value as a player in the NFL I just don't know how much a team will be willing to give up for him with the value in general of the NFL running back. I think in terms of what this team needs for the next 4 years he has more value to us if we can move him for a reasonable price rather than letting him sit behind one of the best backs in the NFL. With the addition of Darren Sproles I think he will see even fewer touches in 2014. If we could get a 3rd or 4th round value for him I would jump on that all day. The more likely value in this day and age is 5th or 6th round and even that I think I still pull the trigger. You might be able to get more value if you package him in a trade to move up or a player for player deal.
  • Vinny Curry is one of my favorite Eagles and unfortunately just doesn't fit here. I think he has a lot of talent and will make it in the NFL as a 4-3 DE, but just not in Philadelphia. It's a shame as he grew up an Eagles fan it would have been great to see it work out for him here. I think he could be a great player but I don't know how much other teams will see that with limited play and how much weight he has put on to try and make it as a 3-4 DE. I think 4th or 5th round is not out of the question value wise but again if we could move him player for player like I have in mind we might get more value.

Draft prospects per position

In this section I was going to talk about a player per position per round but I realized I can't always find someone that really is worth talking about so I just did a position by position breakdown on where I thought some of the value was and players I really liked. I left out some players I really liked because I just don't see them getting to where we pick in the round.

1. 3-4 OLB
Round 1) I don't think Barr will be there but if he is somehow I think it's a no brainer run the card up type of deal. I personally like him better than Mack especially for this system. I like Ford, but I think the value is not right at 22 for him. Ealy is an interesting prospect. I don't know if he is best suited to play the 3-4 OLB but he has a lot of the things to like with the size and athleticism. I would pass on him at 22 for other players that should be available, but he should be in the conversation.
Round 2) I think the two names that have come up the most are Jeremiah Attaochu and Marcus Smith. I have been very back and forth on Attaochu. I think he has all the physical tools but I think he needs some major work on his technique. Also from what in have heard looked very poor dropping into coverage at the senior bowl and would need a lot of work there. I am not sure if he will be able to step in as a starter after this year. With that said I feel there are a lot of similar problems with Marcus Smith. Although Smith timed slower in his 40 than Attaochu he came up much better than him in the shuttle and 3 cone which I feel are just as if not more important from the linebacker position. I also read that even though he did not look great in coverage either at the senior bowl he did look better than Attaochu. I see both of these players a lot like Jason Worilds were it might be until the end of his rookie contract where we could feel comfortable with them as a starter. They are both projected to be right there at 54.
Round 3) I really don't see value here in this year's draft. The one name I have been seeing in Will Clarke is projected to go around this range, but I can't see it. I would much rather take a project later. There is one guy who has two major detractors, but is a great player we could look at here in Trevor Reilly. He has a lot of things to like in his size (6'5" 245 lbs), athleticism (4.66 40), and production (He was Utah's best player last season, leading the team in tackles (100), tackles for loss (16), sacks (8.5) and fumble recoveries (3)) however he is already 26 after doing a mission and has some medical concerns. He is pretty much everything we want but 4 years too old and has medical concerns. If he was a few years younger I think he is being talked about as a 1st round pick.
Round 4) I don't think there is anyone worth mentioning here where we will be picking in the 4th round.
Round 5) This is where I think we could find some real diamonds in the rough. I will start out with Adrian Hubbard. He has great size at 6'6" 257 lbs with long 34.5" arms almost like an Aldon Smith frame. Although he might not be the fastest OLB in the draft he is very athletic and shows that athletic ability when he covers TE's and backs out of the backfield. Went from looking like he was going to be a no brainer 1st round pick last year to having a poor year this year (11 to 5 TFL and 7 to 3 Sacks). I believe the talent is still there and in the right locker room and system he could be the steal of the draft if he goes in the 5th round. If I have the choice of getting a project in the 3rd like a Will Clarke or Adrian Hubbard two rounds later I take Hubbard every day of the week and twice on Sunday's. Two other names I really like as projects who I could see becoming starters are Devon Kennard and Ronald Powell. Both players were top prospects coming out of high school with Powell actually being the No. 1-rated overall prospect. Both players have had injury plagued careers so far and never really got the chance to live up to that billing. Both players have flashed their extreme potential when they were healthy. If both check out medically these may be two other steals at that 3-4 OLB position we are talking about a few years down the line.
Round 7) There is one guy and I don't know if he makes it this far who is a major boom or bust type of player in Ethan Westbrooks out of West Texas A&M. If you like small school players read Josh Buchannan's stuff. He is a small school guru who I trust more than most anyone in scouting and he really like Westbrooks potential talent wise. He has major character issues and was even benched for lack poor play and lack of effort this past year and still racked up 19.5 TFL and 7 sacks to follow up his ridiculous 28 TFL and 19.5 sacks as a junior.

  • One more name I want to mention is Nate Askew out of A&M. He was a big time WR recruit and made the switch to OLB this past year. He was extremely raw and didn't get to play much, but when he did he showed some real flashes of potential. He is a great athlete and has the physical tools to make it in the NFL. He is so raw I doubt he gets a look but if you work with this kid I know he is loaded with potential. At 6'3" 241 lbs he ran a 4.46 40 and 38-inch vert. I watched every A&M game this year and when he was on the field he always seemed to stand out and be flying to the ball. If you could stash him on a practice squad and develop him I think he can make a name for himself in the NFL like he couldn't in college.

2. Safety
Round 1) I don't see the value here in round one. If Calvin Pryor is there I think he is a solid prospect and an obvious fit and good value but I doubt he makes it to 22 with all the safety needy teams in the NFL. Ha-Ha will be long gone and I don't see another safety with 1st round talent in this class.
Round 2) If Jimmie Ward is available I think you have to seriously consider taking him. Yes, he has no real special traits that stand out, but he is a solid player who I think could be at least an average starter in the NFL today. He might be the second best cover safety in this draft. The problem is I doubt he makes it to 54 and again I don't see value at 54 besides him. I know I will get bashed for saying I don't love Deone Bucannon as he is an obvious favorite of eagles fans but I see him as a bit of a reach at 54. Don't get me wrong I do like him and I could justify it depending on how the board fell, but I really want to stick to best player available.
Round 3) In the third round I like both Florida State safety's a little, but I won't say I love them as definite upgrades. Terrence Brooks doesn't have special size, but is athletic and can cover and not afraid to make a tackle. Lamarcus Joyner is flat out small for the safety position but he is a great football player and play maker. I liked this quote to describe him, "Despite his smaller frame, Joyner plays like he's 6-2 and 225 pounds, hitting like a truck in run support." I see him almost as a poor man's Tyrann Mathieu without the off field concerns.
Round 4) Ed Reynolds is a name I have seen and heard but I don't think he is fast enough to make it as a starter and wouldn't fit here.
Round 5) Antone Exum is my guy here. CB/S hybrid who has the size and athleticism you look for. The major issue with him is his health. He had the knee injury that kept him out of a lot of 2013 along with the ankle injury that kept him out the rest of the season. If he gets right physically he has the tools you want in a starter.
Round 7) Jonathan Dowling might be one of my favorite projects or late round picks in this year's draft. He has a lot to love with his size (6'3" / 190 lbs), athleticism (4.49 40 and fluid), and productive (23 passes defended, 9 interceptions and 8 forced fumbles the past two seasons). His issue is his off the field concerns which may automatically remove him from Chip's board. He is also a little thin for his size and you would like to see him bulk up a bit. He was a major prep star and had a ton of scholarship opportunities coming into college. He got tossed out of Florida under Urban Myer which is pretty hard to do so that's the major red flag. His technique could be improved but that can come with coaching (If he takes it, which was one of the major supposed issues at Florida that he butted heads with the coaches). At this point in the draft however I would gladly take a chance on a guy with this kind of starter talent and if it doesn't work so be it.

3. WR
Round 1) I will try and stick to two per round. Marqise Lee is my number 3a after Evans and Watkins. I think he is being undervalued after his poor injury plagued season with no QB. I don't think that talent is gone and if the seasons of Lee and Watkins were reversed from last year and this year we would be talking about Lee as the possible top 5 pick instead of Watkins. He is dangerous with the ball in his hands after the catch which will play well in Chip Kelly's offense. Cooks is my number 3b. Cooks is a special athlete and while he is small he plays much bigger. He reminds me a lot of Steve Smith in his aggressiveness to get the ball and his speed to bulk to size ratio but even more explosive. I think he can play outside or in the slot.

For rounds 2 and 3 I will list out my next 10 players after the big 5. On average 9 players get picked in the top three rounds. This is not an average draft but I think it will be more in that 10 to 13 range. Now this is a list of how I have them ranked not how they are projected. 1 through 4 I have ranked basically them same. Then 5 through 9 I have also basically the same tier. Ellington is a notch below. It all depends on your personal preference with what type of player you are looking for and each prospects strengths. you probably noticed I am down considerably on Kelvin Benjamin and Cody Latimer compared to what most people are. I feel Benjamin is way overhyped. He is huge but I think thats about where the positives end for me. He is a 23 year old project who is much slower than people think. I like him more as a Jimmy Graham type of hybrid receiver tight end. Latimer has been "shooting" up boards supposably. I don't see it. Yes he ran a 4.44 at his pro day, but when you watch him he doesn't play near to that speed. He has good size and plays physical at the catch but he has problems getting off jams which is surprising with his size. With the high tempo offense they ran (one of the highest tempo offense's in all of football) I feel his production is not as great as it probably should have been. I loved him as a 5th round pick where he was originally projected after the season, but now as a late 1st round pick I think it's outrageous. I think his value is somewhere in between that in the third.

1. Allen Robinson
2. Davante Adams
3. Donte Moncrief
4. Jarvis Landry
5. Kelvin Benjamin
6. Paul Richardson
7. Jordan Matthews
8. Martavis Bryant
9. Cody Latimer
10. Bruce Ellington

With that said...
Round 2) I think Allen Robinson could be one of those players who could still be on the board. He has size and plays fast enough. He has good hands and a large catch radius. He was more productive than Cody Latimer in the same league as Cody Latimer who now looks like he could go ahead of him.
Round 3) Jarvis Landry. If he makes it to the third round he will be the steal of the draft. This kid may not have the measurable's but he is a downright great football player. If you just put on the tape Landry looks like the better football player compared to Odell Beckham Jr. who looks like he might be a top 15 pick now. I have watched Landry in person three times one at the Under Armour All American Game and twice at LSU. I'm almost glad he ran poorly if that gives us a chance to grab him in the third round. He has great hands, a great route runner, physical and might be one of the best blocking WR in the draft. He is a better version of Jason Avant and would fit perfectly in our system.
Round 4) Robert Herron is a poor mans Brandon Cooks. He has great speed and a compact thick but small frame. He is not scared to go over the middle and is great with the ball in his hands.
Round 5) Michael Campanaro is another small speedy slot receiver. Is a smart tough quick little receiver. Kind of reminds me of a Wes Welker type.
Round 7) Tevin Reese. Speed kills and if he lasts until the 7th we might get a guy that can blow the top of defenses. As of right now seems to be more of a one trick pony but could develop in time. Baylor WR have had a good track record in the NFL recently.

Round1) Kyle Fuller is a guy I could see being something the Eagles don't have in a true shut down number 1 CB. He has the smoothest hips in the draft and has great anticipation and cover instincts. He also has that bulldog mentality that would fit perfect in this defense. Has good size and speed and to me seems like the full package. I don't know if he lasts until 22 but he would be a great pickup if he slides to us.
Round 2) Stanley Jean-Baptiste is a guy who has potential but is a major project still. I am not in love with him at 54. I think after the big 5 there is a large second group of CB's that all grade out very similarly sort of like the WR's where you can get similar talent in the third.
Round 3) Phillip Gaines is one of my favorite players in this draft. He has the size and physical tools (4.31 40 and 4.04 shuttle) you look for. Tough defender who can play press and off man. Two-year team captain which I think something Chip is looking for. Needs technique work and plays a little high but thats stuff that can be improved upon. In a year I think he could be a solid starter.
Round 4) Terrance Mitchell is a guy I like here. He was overshadowed at Oregon by Ifo Ekpre-Olomu but played well as the number 2 guy there. Not the most outstanding athlete in straight line speed but has fluid hips and good quickness. Chip should know him better than anyone so I will trust him if we take him but I don't really love the value in the 4th for any CB.
Round 5) Injuries could really help the Eagles in this draft get great value if we can wait a year for them to heal properly. Aaron Colvin is one of my favorite prospects in this sense. He had late first early 2nd round talks directly after the season before the injury. If he is fully healthy I feel he has the potential to be the best CB on our team in 2015. Good size and toughness that will fit in well here. Speed was a question and really hasn't been able to be answered with the ACL. Seems to play a lot like Cary Williams.
Round 7) Brandon Dixon is a guy not many people probably know about but in a few years I think many people will know his name especially if he goes to the right system. Great size (6'0" 203lbs) and speed (4.40 40) for the position. One scout who I trust said he might be the best press corner in the draft. Never made it to a big time school supposably because he couldn't get his grades up which is a concern but he sure can play football. Played D11 but was D1 caliber talent. Shut down Jeff Janis this year who is seen by many as the top small school prospect.

Round 1) I don't think C.J. Mosley falls to 22 but he is an intruging prospect if he does. I don't see any other players worth taking there if not.
Round 2) Again I don't think anyone stands out who could potentially be there at 54
Round 3) Still nothing jumps out to me as a good value/fit for us at 86.
Round 4) Now it gets interesting. I think because of the failed drug test Christian Jones slides to the us here in the 4th round and would represent great value. He has good size and athleticism for an ILB. He could add a few pounds but I think he could get up to 245 250 no problem. He represents great versatility in that I think he could play ILB in a 3-4 but he also has played the rush backer and even DE in college. A very talented football player who with some grooming under DeMeco I feel could step in 2015 and take over for him. His athletic ability and length makes him something we don't have right now as a guy who can cover TE over the middle. Technique needs to be improved but with work I see him as a starter down the line. Another name to mention is Jordan Zumwalt. I really like this kid. Lengthy athletic super intense backer who I loved and though was incredibly undervalued in the 5th where many have him mocked. I think he won't make it to us in the 5th so if we want him I think we need to jump on him in the 4th.
Round 5) Max Bullough is a big classic MLB. Tough physical defender who has good football IQ and can read and react quickly which makes up for his average athletic ability. Very good tackler. Two year captain and I read he was like another coach on the field. He was suspended for the bowl game this past year which is why I think he falls so much. I think he is top 100 talent in the right system. Could be that tough heady MIKE like the role DeMeco plays right now.
Round 7) There are some names who are interesting but no one I am in love with in the 7th. Glenn Carson is a guy who is the most interesting of the people I think could still be there. Showed well at his pro day and was a team leader and stalwart for that Penn State defense. Every-down player at PSU who is solid in run defense but could use work in his coverage skills. Don't know if he is athletic enough to cover in the NFL.

Round 1) I don't think anyone will be there worth taking a look at.
Round 2) I was really high on Joel Bitonio when this process started but it seems many people have caught on and he looks like a first round pick now. He can play tackle but would have been the perfect guard in our scheme. He has some serious potential in the NFL if he finds the right home.
Round 3) Love what Trai Turner could be in a year or two. Loved him a lot more when people were saying round 5 but now it looks like 3 is more realistic if we want him. Athletic run blocker who would fit perfectly in our blocking scheme. Needs some work but is young and if he came out next year might have been one of the first guards taken.
Round 4) Brandon Thomas has to be one of if not my favorite pick and fit for the Eagles in this draft. Love his versatility. He is the perfect fit as a guard for our scheme and in a pinch can play tackle. Great at blocking on the move with a strong punch and great drive. Huge wingspan that lets him hold of rushers in the passing game. His injury is a blessing for the birds. Talked about maybe sneaking into the end of round 1 early 2 before the injury. I would jump on him in round 3 if we felt he wouldn't make it until round 4. In one year I think he could replace Herremans and possibly be even better. Just needs a redshirt year to heal up which we can afford to give him with our OL intact for this year.
Round 5) Don't love the talent vs value here. Maybe Anthony Steen if Jeff Stoutland likes him from his time at Bama.
Round 7) Spencer Long is a guy that has come up lately and someone I have had my eye on for a while. Seems like if he is healthy could fit well here and become and eventual starter or at the least a very solid backup. Great leader with a laundry list of honorable achievements so far throughout his life (look it up very impressive).

Round 1) I don't see the need to be great enough vs who else could be on the board to draft Nix who is the only guy worth mentioning in the first.
Round 2) If Nix falls to us in round 2 then you run up the card otherwise again nothing.
Round 3) Daquan Jones is an interesting name if he is still on the board. I think he has the size and brute strength and power to play the NT in a 3-4. I don't know he makes it there but would be good value at 86.
Round 4) Justin Ellis is a guy I like a lot. Large wide body with long arms but is not just a plug but has some real athletic ability. At the senior bowl he never was pushed off the ball and really looked good from what I understand. Good motor and has the ability to collapse the pocket. Very good value in the 4th but may get picked early to a NT needy team.
Round 5) Ryan Carrethers is another big guy who has some athletic ability but not nearly as much as Ellis. More likely to be there in the 5th and would be a nice run stuffing backup. He has the ability to move down the line and make a tackle.
Round 7) Zach Kerr is a nice project local kid who is athletic for how big he is. Academic problems lead him to transfer so intelligence questions could be a reason he drops. Wide body but needs to play lower.

5 Tech/ 3-4 DE
Round 1) Too early
Round 2) Again
Round 3) and again
Round 4) Anthony Johnson is a freak but never quite lived up to the hype coming out of high school. Was a productive player at LSU with good size and good athleticism even though he didn't test out that well. I question why he never became as dominate as I think he could have been. Is that potential still there and why has there been a mass exodus out of LSU over the past few season. I know there have been problems with players and the strength coaches. I think he could be a two gap end in a 3-4 front and be a solid backup and push Thornton. If you can light a fire under this kids ass he might turn out to be a steal.
Round 5) Deandre Coleman flashed for me at the senior bowl. He has all the things you want for a run stuffing 5 Tech. If he lasts until the 5th I think he could really push Thornton for the starting job even after how well Thronton played this year. At the very least I see him as a very solid backup. I actually like him a bit more right now than Johnson as a player but since he is being projected more as a 5th round pick I have him listed here. I think he represents great value here.
Round 7) Jeoffrey Pagan is a guy with a lot of potential and might not last until the 7th again but is projected here by a few sites so I'll include him. Big strong run stuffing DE in a 3-4 who has some upside for a backup.

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