It's so crazy it might work!

Recently on Philadelphia radio Sal Paolantonio said the Eagles were pursuing a top pick in order secure one of the two elite recievers in the draft, either Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans. I've thought about this for about an hour now and I wanted to get a little feedback on my hypothetical trade strategy.

If the Eagles were to move up for a receiver, specifically Watson, they'd have to relinquish a lot. In all likelihood the price would be our next two 1st round picks as well as a third this year or next year. Although it isn't as rich as the Washington/St. Louis trade for Robert Griffin, we would admittedly give up a lot.

In my mind St. Louis would take this deal. Here's a few reasons why:

-St. Louis is in all likelihood debating between Sammy Watkins and Greg Robinson. In this scenario, the Rams keep their second first rounder at pick 13. It's very possible an elite tackle( Matthews, Lewan, or Martin)would still be available as well as the second tier receivers( Beckham Jr., Benjamin, maybe even Evans) at number 13. With our pick 22 they could look to fill whichever need they neglect with the first pick.

-The Rams and Les Snead have shown they aren't afraid to pull the trigger on a big deal. While this deal isn't on the RG3 level, that's because an RG3 isn't available. The draft value chart, however much stock you place in that, seems to agree. Plus, with the Rams bevy of picks, moving back doesn't carry as heavy a penalty in terms of talent drop-off.

Where we can go with #2: The Options

Option Number One- With the #2 pick we select Sammy Watkins regardless of the #1 pick. Sammy Watkins will most likely go on to be a Pro Bowl receiver, a great Eagle, and face of the franchise. We're all happy despite the high price.

Option Number Two- Despite Sal's report Philly goes to the defensive side of the ball and selects Khalil Mack. We get a fantastic linebacker prospect who could rush NFC East quarterbacks for a long time, we're happy.

Option Number Three( My Favorite)- Here's a certainty, either Khalil Mack or Jadeveon Clowney will be available at the number two spot. Both of these players are very highly touted. The only reason no one has moved up yet to grab the #2 is because the value is jacked up. Here's my thinking, at number two we could do anything. We could take Johnny, we could take Sammy, we could take the BPA on defense. This could scare teams into action. If we lower the price substantially, for instance a first rounder and a third rounder for the #2 overall pick; chaos would erupt and the phone would ring off of the hook.

Two teams come to mind as potential trade partners from number two, the Browns and the Falcons. If "Believeland" gave us their number four pick and third rounder to pursue Mack or Manziel, our options would be almost as spectacular even with the two pick drop. If Cleveland takes Manziel and the Jags take Mack then we end up with our original target and a third rounder to recoup some of the bounty we gave St. Louis. If Cleveland takes Watkins and Jacksonville selects Mack, we have a few less options. Maybe we take Aaron Donald, maybe we reach for Haha or Mike Evans. I don't really like those options. Maybe we could trade back again, and get even more picks while staying within striking distance of elite receivers. Shit maybe we take Johnny in that spot, I don't know.

Option Number Four: In lieu of the Browns we trade to the Atlanta Falcons, for the on-sale price of their first rounder and a second round pick this year or next year. If they gave us their second rounder of 2015, I'd imagine they'd have to add another pick because chances are they'll be a solid team next year.

With the number two pick the Falcons would probably take Mack. At number six, the strategy would be much the same as the Brown's trade with targets like Aaron Donald being in play, but Sammy Watkins most likely being gone in this scenario.

Option Number Five: All hell breaks loose and the Texans take a quarterback or Mack. We either take Clowney (hence the titular image of Clowney) or sell the 2nd pick for an incredibly high price most likely recouping our initial loss in the Rams trade and even gaining additional assets. If teams thought there was a chance Clowney would be available at pick two, St. Louis would have already traded that pick. If anarchy erupts and he were available on draft day, that pick's value would be extremely high. Atlanta would give two first rounders and probably extra late rounders for Clowney, my guess is Houston wants an RG3 deal( three first rounders) and no one is willing to pay. Some teams would pay two first round picks for Jadeveon Clowney, and we could collect that payment.

That's pretty much it. If there is no movement on draft day( up or down) I'll be hurt in my heart. Don't hurt me Howie.

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