My Excitement for this Draft (enter at your own risk)


  • Manziel
  • Another running back
  • Wide Receiver


I know not many if any person here shares my viewpoint about this or any other thing I might say, but this is just my perspective, however much misguided/delusional you might think it is. Of course, the odds are against me of this happening, just like with the Desean thing, but I'm going with my hunch again.

If it were to actually happen, I'd love to see the reaction here. I think people will come to terms with it after the initial shock and awe and file it under "if Chip wants him" category. And if Chip really does want him and if they're able to pull it off, then I don't think there is anything more exciting than this as an Eagles fan. And if we were to add a decent WR and running back that would be to Chip's liking, that would be the icing on the cake.

I looked at Houston's roster and Arian Foster is still on there, I thought for some reason Ben Tate was going to be taking over, but I might have been mistaken, I don't really follow them in depth. So I don't know if there's a market for Shady with the Texans, but if they did need him and could afford his salary, I'd rather trade Foles and Shady for that 1st pick (I know, that is the most idiotic thing you've heard from me so far), and then keep the 22nd pick and grab the Wr there. Now if you're still reading, thanks.

So Chip would get Manziel, a Qb he would define his career with and could fit perfectly with his offense. I'd like to see him get eased into the starting role though, with all 3 Qb's competing to start the season.

Now with the 22nd pick, there is a plethora of Wr's there that the Eagles could go with. ODB who won the most versatile player award in 2013 would be an ideal fit, so could Cooks with his versatility. They're both lacking in height, but they would both add a dynamic component to this offense. But that could go for a lot of wr's that could be available at 22, it's basically, take your pick at WR at 22 and you should get a decent one.

Now if they give up Foles and the 22nd pick (and whatever else they need to) to move to the hypothetical # 1 spot, we'd have to wait a little longer to get that wr in the 2nd round, with still good options possibly available.

Now if none of this happens, then I'm sure I'll be still ecstatic to get a WR with the 22nd pick and so on. But if, if for some reason, this does come true, it could be very exciting...

If you've managed to read through this whole thing, and feel disgusted, just think of it as a nightmare and click to the next fanpost... I'm not writing this to bring anyone down, but if for some reason you can remotely think about moving up for Manziel... it would be fun to share that dream.

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