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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/31/2014.

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Let's get to the links...

Faster, Faster - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
One of the ways that the Eagles can get better on offense is to be faster. There were times in 2013 when the offense moved at a blistering pace, but there were others when they almost looked conventional. Almost.

Wake-Up Call: Wolff Under Jenkins’ Wing - Tim McManus, Birds 24/7
Malcolm Jenkins and Earl Wolff meet in the NovaCare film room every morning at 7:30, before the building is filled and the day officially begins, to get some extra classwork in. There’s no question who is the teacher and who is the student when the film starts to roll. “We’ll watch tape and even if it’s just practice [film] , go over some plays that he might have messed up and tell him what he should have seen, how to see the big picture of things, how to broaden his vision in his zones. Just little things that I had to learn early to kind of take that next step,” said Jenkins after Thursday’s practice.

State of the Eagles: Tight end - Zach Berman, Inquirer
The Eagles kept Casey this year, guaranteeing his $3.985-million salary on the fifth day of the league year. It will be interesting to see what the coaching staff plans in his second season. Casey is a solid blocker who has experience as a fullback. He has decent speed and athleticism, and can be used in a variety of ways. One of the issues is the other offensive options. If Casey is on the field, who comes off? He plays special teams, so he has a clear role. He was also their emergency quarterback last season.

Cary Williams: Familiarity will boost Eagles' D - CSN Philly
Cary Williams is hungry. The Eagles' outspoken second-year cornerback sat down with CSNPhilly's Michael Barkann in a one-on-one interview Thursday and made it known that improvements are still to be made, despite coach Chip Kelly's remarks before practice that the team is "light years ahead" of where it was this time last season. "I think we understand what's expected of us this time around," Williams said. "We've got that experience of what Chip Kelly's system is about."

Brad Smith Looks For More In Year 2 - Dave Spadaro,
In retrospect, Brad Smith sees now, the 2013 season was a blur. Signed by the Eagles late in the season, Smith played the remainder of the year largely on instinct ...

How long could you make it as an NFL coach?  - SB Nation NFL
You wake up in the body of a man trying to survive the rigors of an NFL season. How long do you make it?

Numbers Rarely Lie - Bill Barnwell, Grantland
The two teams that stood out like a sore thumb at the bottom of the turnover rankings were the Chiefs and Eagles; they were each at minus-24 in 2012, and nobody else was worse than minus-16. In 2013, much of their success was driven by a dramatic shift in this metric. The Chiefs had the second-best turnover margin in football at plus-18, while the Eagles were fourth with a plus-12 figure. Kansas City’s improvement of 42 turnovers is the most anybody’s improved in a single season since the strike year of 1987. The Jets (minus-14) and Lions (minus-12) stayed roughly the same, but the Cowboys and even those absurdly lucky Colts — granted, in the one category where simple regression might have expected them to improve — saw their turnover margin improve by 16 or more from 2012 to 2013.

Mark Sanchez says he’s “just entering the prime of my career” - PFT
“I’m not going to do the comparison thing,” Sanchez said, via Kimberley Martin of Newsday. “I loved everything that happened there [with the Jets]. Everything. Good, bad, ugly, don’t care. It was an awesome time."

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