Nick Foles Doesn't Care About Stats


Nick Foles doesn't care about stats. He knows he still needs to improve.

27 touchdowns. 2 interceptions. The best TD/INT ratio in NFL history. The only NFL quarterback to ever throw 20+ touchdowns and 2 interceptions or less. A league leading 119.2 QB Rating. A jersey in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for a seven touchdown performance.

Despite all of these accomplishments, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will never arrive.

At least that's what head coach Chip Kelly assured during his Thursday OTA press conference.

The great thing about Nick, what you love about him it's the same thing we preach is that he knows he's never going to arrive. I think it's a great trait to have some guys get to where they want a job, and now they kind of kick their feet up and they go on cruise control and that's not him. He's continuing to improve on the little things. He's obviously got a very good understanding what we're doing.

It's easy to see why Foles could become complacent. He's coming off an historical season in only his second year. He's virtually the unquestioned starter with only Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley behind him. He knows he has a great supporting cast, including the NFL's leading rusher in LeSean McCoy, around him to rely on. Just like Kelly assured, however, Foles is not ready to sit back and relax. He knows 2013 in the past.

"You reflect for like 5 seconds and you move on. That season's not going to help me for this year. When I look back at seasons, I always look at the guys I do it with. That's the truth. Ever since high school, there's times where I'll think back to high school and I'll talk to high school teammates. Those were special memories. I don't remember the scores or stats of any game but I remember winning the game with those guys and having that experience. It's the same here. When I think back about last year I think of the memories, and just the joys. When we were at Dallas, winning the NFC East, the guys in the locker room, stuff like that. Stats? Whatever. I like winning the games. I like having a good time with my teammates.

It's kind of funny to suggest Foles could be better. It's difficult to imagine him improving from a statistical standpoint. If anything, it feels like Foles has already hit the peak and only has room to regress in 2014. But I guess that's why Foles doesn't really care about stats. Instead, he's focused on the areas where he feels he could improve.

I think it's just continue to work on fundamentals. And that's something I'll preach all the time. Continue to get better at the footwork, better with fakes, understanding defensive recognition... it's really all the little things. I know it's cliche, but that's the truth. You really have to hone in on that. We go out there every day and work on fundamentals and go against our defense. We're really flying around but it's just continuing to be consistent, be smart with the football. That's an every day thing. When you get complacent with that is when you can falter and turn the ball over and stuff like that happens. It's just continuing to stress on that.

Foles' cliche-riddled answers are beyond a doubt very boring. While that's not so great for the media, it's more importantly very good for himself and the benefit of the team. Foles says all the right things, which is great. Of course, the action needs to meet the words. So far that's been the case. Foles has been working hard in the team's offseason program and looked sharp during Thursday's OTA practice. No signs of complacency here.

Foles still hasn't "arrived", and that's a very good thing.

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