Regrading the Philadelphia Eagles 2010 NFL Draft Class

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The 2014 NFL Draft is over a week old and by now you've probably just about had it with draft grades. (Or mock draft grades!) How worthwhile can they really be anyway? It often takes years before a draft class can be accurately judged. So with that said, let's forget about 2014 draft grades for now and look back to the past (if you dare..).

The Sideline View recently revisited the 2010 NFL Draft and handed out revised grades for all 32 teams. As you can see, the Eagles didn't do too well.

Pro Bowlers:  0
Players remaining on the roster as of May 2014:  3
2010 Draft Grade (as of April 2010):  Bleacher Report - B, Consensus - B
REAL Draft Grade (as of May 2014):  D+

1st Round - Michigan DE Brandon Graham
2nd Round - USF S Nate Allen
3rd Round - Washington DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim
4th Round - Kentucky CB Trevard Lindley
4th Round - Oklahoma LB Keenan Clayton
4th Round - Northwestern QB Mike Kafka
4th Round - Missouri State TE Clay Harbor
5th Round - Clemson DE Ricky Sapp
5th Round - Florida WR Riley Cooper
6th Round - LSU RB Charles Scott
7th Round - Mississippi State LB Jamar Chaney
7th Round - Georgia DT Jeff Owens
7th Round - Ohio State S Kurt Coleman

The Eagles drafted more players in this draft than any other team in the league. Strength in numbers, right? Well, not really, in this case. The only true value draft pick in this group was Cooper. Various players were shoe-horned into starting spots, but it didn’t take. Coleman was an excellent find in the last round of the draft but he signed a free agent deal with Minnesota this off-season. Those two players saved the draft grade from being an F.


• The Eagles were given a D+ on their regrade. I'm guessing that just stands for "Dreadful."

• Based on quantity alone, that list almost looks fake. 13 picks is insane. The Eagles entered the 2014 NFL Draft with less than half that number (6).

• Quantity doesn't mean much when the quality is terrible. This draft class is just not fun to look at. There are so many names that amounted to nothing.

• Brandon Graham rabble rabble rabble Earl Thomas rabble rabble rabble

• The Eagles may have three players from this draft class still on their roster but that number could easily go down to one after 2014 is over. Brandon Graham and Nate Allen will both be free agents. Riley Cooper will still be under contract.

• Speaking of Cooper... weird to think how he turned out to be the most worthwhile player from that draft class.

• Where Are They Now? Graham, Allen, and Cooper are obviously still on the roster. Te'o-Nesheim played for the Buccaneers last season but was cut at the end of the year and is a free agent now. Lindley is playing in the CFL. Clayton signed with the Cardinals last week. Kafka sat out of football last year but is under contract with the Bucs now. Harbor was cut by the Eagles last September and ended up with the Jaguars, where he re-signed this offseason. Sapp, who never even played a regular season snap for the Eagles, is under contract with the Texans. The Eagles traded Scott to the Cardinals in exchange for Jorrick Calvin. Both have been out of the NFL since 2011. Chaney was released by the Eagles during final cuts last year and he's now under contract with the Broncos. Owens has been out of football since 2011. The Eagles let Coleman walk this offseason and he signed a contract with the Vikings as a backup safety and special teams contributor.

• Thanks for nothing, Andy Reid.

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