Projected 53 Man / Practice Squad/ 45 Man Game Day Roster & Cuts

I’ve been a daily reader here at BGN for over two years now, but today I finally registered an account. I left a summary of the projections I began making earlier in the week as a comment on the article projecting the same thing but below I go into more detail for each position including potential camp battles and a list of my expected cuts plus who I think will be placed on the inactive list.

Offense (25)
Quarter Back (3)
The quarter back position is set barring injuries With Foles, Barkley, and Sanchez making the final 53 and Kinne remaining on the practice squad.

Running Back (4)
Obviously Shady and Sproles are locks to make the team; I look for Polk, Tucker, and Josey to battle for two spots and ultimately see Josey ending up on the practice squad.

Tight End (3)
Again, Celek and Ertz are all but guaranteed, I see Casey continuing his increased load from the end of last season and then the winner of Burton and Annen ending up on the practice squad, ultimately taking over the H-back role from Casey in 2015.

Wide Reciever (6)
Maclin, Cooper, Matthews, Huff, Smith and Benn; too many hands and not enough plays to go around considering the playmakers at TE and RB but I feel like all 6 make the team. Matthews and Huff are the only ones PS eligible and I don’t see them winding up there, Smith is too valuable on special teams, should he make it through pre season healthy I have Benn staying on as a backup and a weekly game day scratch.

Tackle (4)
Like the rest of the line Peters and Johnson are locked in as our starters, Barbre makes the team and game day roster as a backup swing tackle and Kelly is a healthy game day scratch. Bamiro sticks around on the practice squad unless he’s able to pass Kelly during camp.

Guard (3)
Mathis and the ToddFather start with Tobin behind them on the bench.

Center (2)
Kelce is entrenched as the starter and arguable the best center in the league, Molk beats Vandervelde out as the last man on the roster.

Defense (25)
Defensive End (4)

Cox and Thornton are the starters and Curry figures to be a situational pass rush monster again. Kruger and Hart fight it out in camp for the last spot, ultimately I see Hart spending a season on the practice squad.

Defensive Tackle (2)
Logan remains the starter but Allen still sees plenty of action, Keliikipi makes the practice squad.

OLB (5)
We make the trade with Miami for Dion Jordan and if Graham wasn’t a part of that trade we’ll ship him elsewhere for a mid round pick. Barwin and Cole remain the starters but both Smith and Jordan still see plenty of snaps, Braman makes the team for his special teams ability and Long is kept on the practice squad.

ILB (4)
So I cheated here, Knott makes the team but won’t count against the roster for the first 4 weeks; by the football gods grace if we don’t have someone on IR by then Knott, Goode, and Phillips battle it out for the two spots behind Ryans and Kendricks; Acho sticks around on the practice squad for another year.

CB (5)

Williams, Fletcher, and Boykin all continue where they left off last year, Carrol and Watkins battle it out for the dime spot with the loser being a game day scratch.

Safety (5)
Jenkins will start. Wolf and Allen compete for the other spot; Reynolds and Maragos make the team as special teams players with one likely being a scratch every week.

Special Teams (3)
Jones and Dorrenbos aren’t going anywhere; Henrey pulls his foot out of wherever it’s been and plays like the fourth round pick he was or MurderLeg takes his spot.

Practice Squad:
QB/Utility G.J. Kinne
TE Trey Burton
RB Henry Josey
OL Michael Bamiro
DE Taylor Hart

DT Wade Keliikipi

OLB Travis Long
ILB Emmanuel Acho

Most Likely to end up on Inactive List:
QB Mark Sanchez
RB Matthew Tucker/ RB Chris Polk (depending on opponent/game plan)
WR Arrelious Benn
OT Dennis Kelly
OC David Molk
MLB Najeh Goode/ MLB Jason Phillips (Special Teams deciding factor)
CB Nolan Carroll/ CB Jaylen Watkins (Dime Corner + Special Teams)
S Chris Maraos/ S Ed Reynolds (Special teams)

Players Cut: (PS Eligible?)

TE Emil Igwwenagu (Yes)

WR BJ Cunningham (Yes)
WR Will Murphy (Yes)
WR Ifeanyi Momah (Yes)

WR Damaris Johnson (No)
WR Jeff Maehl (No)
OT Andrew Gardner (Yes)
C Julian Vandervelde (No)
DE Brandon Bair (Yes)
DT Damion Square (No)
LB Josh Kaddu (Yes)
LB Casey Matthews (No)
CB Curtis Marsh (No)
CB Roc Carmichael
S Keelan Johnson (Yes)
DE Alejandro Villanueva (Yes)
RB David Fluellen (Yes)
TE Blake Annen (Yes)
WR Kadron Boone (Yes)
WR Quron Pratt (Yes)
OG Donald Hawkins (Yes)
OG Josh Andrews (Yes)
OG Karim Barton (Yes)
OT Kevin Graf (Yes)
DE Frank Mays (Yes)
CB John Fulton (Yes)
S Daytawion Lowe (Yes)
K Carey Spear (Yes)

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