2014 NFL Draft: Chip Kelly Gets His Big People

Rob Carr

Chip Kelly loves players with size. The Eagles' 2014 NFL Draft class is just another example.

Much has been made of Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly's affinity for players with size. While Kelly has admitted that philosophy applies more so to the defense, the Eagles' 2014 NFL Draft class was just another example of how Kelly really loves his "big people."

First up was outside linebacker Marcus Smith. Smith has pretty good size at 6-3, 251, but what really stands out is his arm length. Smith's 34" arms are no joke. Take a look for yourself.

The Eagles drafted a big receiver in the second round by the name of Jordan Matthews. Matthews stands 6-3, 212 lbs and has both huge hands and long arms. He's also very strong having put up 21 bench repetitions at the NFL Combine.

Kelly spoke on the importance of his wide receivers being able to beat man coverage and how size helps with that.

"The most important thing for a receiver, and I know I talked about big people beat up little people. That's more of a defensive philosophy for us. But at the receiver position, it's your ability to beat one on one coverage. We see it so much. Honestly, I don't think people really beat it. You're going to have to catch a lot of contested footballs. I think that's one of the things that makes Riley such a good target. Is that Riley's, you know, 6-foot-4, 6-foot-3 plus, 6-foot-4. Coop's over 230 right now. I think he can muscle and go get the ball. I think people play defense so close in this league, that your ability to go get the football is really what kind of separates people. That's the one thing that was a tangible thing when you look at the film and look at him on film. That's what you see."

Josh Huff isn't exceptionally "big" from a physical stand point but he's built well at 5-11, 206 (almost identical height/weight of LeSean McCoy). Huff also had at least one reception of 20 yards or more in all of his games played in 2013. So he might not fit the physical profile but he makes "big" plays. (Just nod your head in agreement.)

The Eagles drafted Jaylen Watkins (5-11, 194 lbs) in the fourth round. Watkins put up 22 bench press reps at the NFL Combine and also has big hands.

Taylor Hart has a huge frame at 6-6, 281. He also has fairly big hands.

Ed Reynolds doesn't necessarily fit the big people profile but 6-1, 207 is hardly small for a safety.

No spider graph available for Beau Allen, but he's obviously huge at 6-2, 333 lbs.

In undrafted free agency, the Eagles added a 6-9, 291 lb DE named Frank Mays, a 6-6, 281 OT named Kevin Graf, a 6-4, 247 lb TE named Blake Annen, a 6-4, 301 guard named Donald Hawkins, and a 6-2, 303 lb NT named Wade Keliikipi.

Long live "big people."

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