Michael Sam: the conversation no one wants to have

I realize this is a touchy subject, and although it doesn't relate to Eagles Football in general, the impact of the first openly gay player selected in the NFL draft affects the entire league. I support Michael Sam, people say he came out to improve his draft stock, or did it for publicity, or he did it because he felt it was time for someone to do so. No one really knows his motives for doing so, only he does. So for me, I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt, just like I would any other player until they prove me wrong. i think it was a amazing brave thing for him to do to come out and declare he was gay especially in a profession he seeks to enter and do do it in front of the whole world. That takes some courage, it really does. Lets face it, there's a lot of progressive thinking fans out there who will accept this but there is many fans out there, for whatever reason or another who wont accept him as a player because who he is as a person. I have to admit, I have a bunch of swirling questions racing around in my mind regarding Michael Sam and the timing of him coming out in regards to the NFL draft, and i know that sounds bad to a degree. i would like to have a open and honest discussion about the impact of Michael Sam and the impact he will have on the NFL going forward. I have a few questions I would like to ask as well, and hopefully thru a calm, respectful, and intelligent manor i would like some answers and opinions on the matter. IF WE CANT, have a intelligent respectful approach to the conversation, i would like mods to shut the convo down, but the topic is relative in terms of affecting the NFL as a whole, and some see it as a dynamic moment in sports history and i think that should be celebrated and discussed.


1. please dont bring religion into it

2. be mature, even if you are passionate about the subject matter one way or another

3. be respectful of each other opinions, we all come from different walks of life

Questions I pose

1. Will Michael Sams draft selection create a media circus all season long that will hurt the rams? ( i think we, as eagles fans have a interesting perspective on this issue based on the media circus that was created by the term Vince Young created "dream team")

2. It's well known players support gay players as we have heard testimonies from former eagles players like troy vincent saying he knew he played with gay players before. with that said, and watching what happened in Miami last year with their locker room problems, is it possible this could become a distraction in the rams locker room?

3. does this put pressure on the rams to not cut Michael Sam? Its admirable they drafted him, but will the media outcry and backlash be greater if they cut him as opposed to how great the news has been received by the media since they drafted him?

4. How would you react if the Eagles selected Michael Sam? And if you say disapointed, please be sensitive to the feelings of everyone else here. We can have a mature thoughtful conversation about this subject without insulting anyone, Eagles fans in general are very smart and not what they are portrayed to be in the media. If you would support it say why, If you would be against it, please do say why, but be careful with your words, and do it in a way that is respectful and that no one would take offense, rather instead, would try to see where your coming from. I know there has to be some that would be against it, and thats natural, otherwise this wouldn't be as big of a story as it is, but that doesn't mean we, as eagles fans first and foremost can't come to together and have a respectful dialogue about it.

5. Last question I pose is this, Do you think the this will help others come out of the closet that play in the NFL, or will the future success of Michael Sam's career, long term that is, will help? example, if Sam is cut by the Rams before the season starts will that reinforce to players it better to stay quite or if Sam makes the roster and goes on to play 4-5 years, does that increase the likelyhood of other players willing to come out? Are players afraid to come out because they think the media attention will have a negative backlash on their career or does the success of Sam in the NFL long term pave the way for others?

Again, lets be thoughtful here, serious convo, no jokes, no religion, stick to the topic, I believe we can do that, a lot fo smart people here, and i want to know their opinion. No matter what side of the fence you stand on, everyone has feelings and beliefs and they should be respected

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