Draft Grades: Who had the best draft and who had the worst

Seahawks grade = 72- i don't think the seahawks helped themselves out this week

Panthers Grade = 76 not a great off season for the panthers

Patriots Grade =76 Bill B great coach, i don't think he deserves the praise he gets in the draft, he often outsmarts himself and misses the mark

Dolphins Grade = 77 this is what happens when teams reach for need, but they did a pretty good job on the back end with a couple picks

Colts Grade= 78 - no first round pick because of a bone head trade, some nice value picks at the very least

Broncos Grade = 78 - not impressed on the back end of their draft, but when you have Peyton manning...need i say any more?

Cowboys Grade = 80 - solid first two picks, then what happened? I almost convinced myself after the first pick that Jerry Jones wasn't in charge of the picks anymore.

Bears Grade = 81 - couple good picks, but reached for DT help

Cardinals Grade =82 solid draft

Bengals Grade = 82 not bad at all

Chiefs Grade=82 could go any way here, don't think they helped themselves out here, but at same time, theres some decent talent here, so can't hold that against them too much

Lions Grade = 83 - solid draft might of reached for a player or two though

Titans Grade =83 was ready to give this a grade of 79, picking up Mettenberger to compete with Locker was great value, the titans direction in general confuses me

Giants Grade =84 - tweener draft, some great picks here, but some head scratchers. devon kennard was a nice pick up in the 5th

Bucs Grade =85 solid draft, better hope some of those lineman you picked pan out, Bucs sold on Mike Glennon at qb? i don't fault the bucs for not drafting a qb, if your not sold on anyone, don't waste the pick. bit sursprised they didn't take a flyer on a guy like Mettenberger though for the value of how far back he went

Chargers Grade = 85 solid draft

Packers Grade = 85 - solid draft

Eagles Grade =85 giving the Eagles an awful lot of benefit of the doubt on their first round pick. Marcus Smith is a project. Matthews could be the best all around receiver besides Watkins. Huff is one of the best route runners and a vertical threat,. Watkins could surprise us. back end of the draft is pretty ugly. If Eagles can come away with eventually 2 starters, 2 impact players, this could turn out to be a good draft. I heard Chip was considering Taylor Hart in the third round, if that actually happened, this grade would be very very different. Eagles walked the line this draft, we'll see how it plays out

Falcons Grade = 86 - solid

Redskins Grade =86 bit of a reach on murphy, but overall a really solid draft. morgan moses in the 3rd, might be one of the best steals in the draft. bashaud breeland is another one. considering the redskins have a new coach, im not going to penalize him for not having a 1st round pick. pretty good draft, although I don't like to admit it

Steelers Grade = 86 solid draft

Ravens Grade = 87 - solid draft

Jaguars Grade = 88 - i want to give this a lower grade because im not sold on Bortles, but if Bortles turns out good, can't ignore all the value picks they had here. Marquise Lee at 39, Robinson at 61. goes on and on well done

49ers Grade =88 really solid draft - 87 - with so many picks and not many holes some picks don't look very good but that shouldn't count against them
Raiders Grade = 88 pretty solid draft, picking up McGill in the 4th is great value considering the latest trend in secondary is height and length

Bills Grade = 89 great draft

Vikings Grade = 89 - solid draft, if Bridgewater pans out at QB, could be a steal. Jury is out on Bridgewater, guy was considered a possibility as the number 1 pick just a month or two ago, Im not sold on him more so because Im not sure of him. game tape doesn't lie so Ill give them a high mark, but his off season didn't go very well.

Browns Grade = 90 - great draft if they stuck to their board, wr is a concern though, should they of dealt with it, most likely yes, but can't ignore they had a great draft

Saints Grade =90 great draft - tall corners are going to get overvalued but thats the trend and I think the kid is a flat out baller. not alot of holes to fill, and they controlled how they wanted the draft to go. i like what they did

Texans Grade = 93 - hard to beat that draft, helps the had the first pick most rounds though, but someone remind whos their quarterback again? i honestly forget

Rams Grade= 95 pretty impressive draft

Best 5 drafts in General

1. Rams

2. Texans

3. Saints

4. Browns

5. Vikings

Worst 5 draft in General

1. Seahawks

2. Panthers

3. Patriots

4. Dolphins

5. Colts

Best 5 drafts based on draft position

1. Saints

2. 49ers

3. Redskins

4. Ravens

5. Steelers

10 best drafts Overall considering draft position and Grade and how it will impact next years success

1. Rams

2. Saints

3. Vikings

4. 49ers

5. Browns - almost lower, wheres your wide receivers?

6. Texans - your joking right?, your going to roll with Tom Savage. if texans had a qb, this would be number 1

7. Bills

8. Raiders

9. Jaguars

10. Ravens

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