2014 NFL Draft: Chip Kelly Attends LSU's Pro Day to Watch Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry and more

Joe Murphy

Chip Kelly and the Eagles continue to pick up frequent flyer miles as they cruise on to another Pro Day.

The 2014 Chip Kelly Pro Day Tour™ is back on the road as the Eagles head coach paid a visit to LSU for the school's player workouts on Wednesday (proof). LSU has plenty of talented players (mostly on offense) that could appeal to the Eagles, so it makes sense that Kelly would appear on campus after visiting Penn State, Texas A&M and other universities with outstanding talent. LSU was the only Pro Day scheduled for Wednesday, so it didn't allow for much debate as to where everyone was headed.

The most likely target for the Eagles at LSU's Pro Day was wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who measured in at 5-foot-11 and 195 pounds in front of coaches and scouts. The projected first round pick has become of the talk of draftniks on Twitter and has seemingly locked himself into the Top 5 at his position. He and teammate Jarvis Landry made quite the tandem at LSU, so the Eagles could also be interested both players.

Here is what I wrote about Beckham in BGN's prospect profile series:


Beckham has some of the best hands you will see at the college level. He literally catches everything. There are some guys that only make awesome catches or just make wide-open bombs, but this guy does it all. It does not matter if the pass is contested, as he will likely come down with it. He is 6-foot and 207 pounds, but plays bigger and is not afraid of contact at all.

He has very good change of direction ability and has a shimmy to his shake. He runs very solid routes and can run every single one in the tree. He was used on reverses and ran well at LSU. He is a smart kick returner and does well on punt returns. He is a true offensive force on the field and score from anywhere. He is also is extremely good at jump balls for a guy of his size.


He does not get a ton of separation. He is forced to make contested catches simply because he does not get open with ease. His ability to catch the ball from anywhere makes this issue null and void at the college level, but could hurt him in the NFL. He is more quick than fast but does not have the long-end speed that you would probably like in a return man.

Here is Beckham's spider graph:

Along with Landry (ran a 4.58 at the event) and Beckham, LSU had a few other players at the Pro Day that the Eagles may consider on draft weekend.  Safety Craig Lotson is a mid-round pick that could appeal to the Eagles at a position of need. Guard Trai Turner is an offensive lineman with athleticism, Ego Ferguson is a massive nose tackle and perhaps the Eagles could surprise us and show interest in pocket passer Zach Mettenberger.

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