Best Mock Draft you will see... No trades

First I just want to give my take on this offseason so far, I like what we have been doing by getting guys who can produce on and off the field including the locker room. I was mixed on DeSean but I trust our front office until proven other wise.

Anyways here is my mock draft.

Picks 1,22 ; 2,54 ; 3,86 ; 4,122 ; 5,162 ; 7,237

With the 22nd pick the Eagles select Kelvin Benjamin WR Florida State

My first pick at a WR is Brandin Cooks but I personally do not think he will fall to us at pick 22. I like not love Benjamin, although I think Benjamin's skills could be maximized with Chip. I believe Chip's staff could fix Benjamin's problems and make him a star in this league. I love Kelvin's size and like his skill set. If you watch his game tape he will block, and does not get tackled very easily.

With the 54th pick the Eagles select Jermiah Attochu OLB Georgia Tech

With this pick I got to say BDPA (Best Defensive Player Available). Wishful thinking that Attochu is available which is very likely. Raw product who can come in learn and get playing time as a rotational pass rusher. In last years draft I could easily see this guy go in the 20-25 range but this years draft is very deep and get a likely steal in the second.

With the 86th pick the Eagles select Terrence Mitchell CB Oregon

He actually caught my eye while I was watching Cooks. He did a decent job against Cooks, but I like his size and chip is very familiar with him. i can see him taking over either this season or next season for Cary if Cary starts to struggle. I like this kid enough in the 3rd to take him and even be an immediate backup.

With the 122nd pick the Eagles select Ego Furgeson DE/NT LSU

Yet another mid round LSU defensive lineman that got slept on and could be taken by the Eagles. Big, Athletic, and Versatile and that is right up the Eagles alley.

With the 162nd pick the Eagles select Tre Boston S UNC

I like him has the skill set to start but could learn a little behind Jenkins. Will get some playing time and will not be a liability. Plays center field well like the Eagles love and could be a great steal in the 5th.

With the 237th pick the Eagles select Taylor Hart OLB Oregon

High character guy who also caught my eye while watching Cooks. I seen this guy flying around the edge like a mad man and said wow that guy is nuts. Dosen't really have the muscle on him but hopefully a year on the practice squad he could gain some weight and be a good pass rusher for us.

Potential Trade pieces

Brandon Graham: I see us netting a 4th to a 6th round pick depending how bad the team is looking for a Defensive end and how they see Graham.

Bryce Brown: If we could net a 2nd-4th that would be great because then we could use that pick on D'Anthony Thomas. I would love to get Thomas in this offense and back with Chip.

Brent Celek: I see him as a potential trade piece, not saying he is getting traded but if a team comes out and offers a 4th I will take it. i have faith in Ertz to be a starter in this league in his second year. Save some money and get bigger and more athletic.

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