The Interview, Reading between the Signs


This has PR move written all over it, from the "educated yet less gang related" glasses, the attempt to look more articulate than his usual twitter rant, the day-time soap opera dramatization and the fact that he handpicked an interview with Stephen A. Smith. I think I would have felt it was less of a PR if he did the interview with someone neutral rather than someone who went on the Arsenio Hall Show and went to bat for him a couple days before. Smith already foreshadowed an anti-Eagles interview on Arsenio's show. If you haven't seen the video yet, the link is provided above. Also after you check out my thoughts, check out Eliot Shorr Parks follow up a

There are a few things I caught that made me pause and say "You know you F---'d up right".

1. At about 32 seconds into the full interview, Desean says that he had a deep and personal conversation with Chip Kelly about his situation but only reveals Kelly saying they are moving on without him. Out of the full conversation, the only thing he got out of it was that they were moving in a different direction? You got no answer or could not conclude what It was about? Even Revis and Johnson know why they were released? Heck, Butt fumble knows why he was released? I mean Damn, Hernandez has some idea even if he wont admit to murders. My question is If that was all he said on that matter, what was so deep about that? Did he really leave you in the dark or did he tell you about your self and the many ways you messed up and in order to paint yourself a saint you thought to leave that part out? I fail to believe that the man who can't resist getting one up on a media outlet in a press conference or one who makes a point to get on McLane for claiming one WR is more valuable than another (Maclin, Cooper), only had that to say.

2. Jackson was aware of the article before it was released. If he knew when the eagles reportedly knew, two days before, he had ample time to get his PR statement together and to be prepared for it, he also had time to question the Eagles, before getting released, to see if they were responsible.

I assume It wasn't their doing because two days before the article came out the Eagles were reportedly still shopping the WR according to Adam Caplan, who appeared on "The Fanatic" to talk about it and according to Adam Schefter. Jackson also mentions that the things written in the article from were things the team and Club knew from years before that, so to him, this information was already out there and really no "New" reason to cut him.

3.Jackson says he is a professional athlete, he knows what being seen with bad elements or the image that can be perceived from being around that element presents. He claims his hand signals are not gang signs, but a connection to his neighborhood. He also claims that he does not hang out with gang members if they are doing negative things (Stupid statement, a gang member is a negative title). This could all be true, he could be completely naïve. There are neighborhoods that have certain hand signs, for instance I grew up in Park Place, a community in Norfolk, Virginia(Kam Chancellor grew up there two) and many of the kids would make the letters "PP" with their hands. This was a representation of our neighborhood.

While I get this part, he has to know how these images and connections, paraded in the public light, can be taken to be something darker. You definitely might be seen as hypocritical if you associate with gang members (aka street bullies) and have a organization against bullying. It is not easy to separate yourself, especially when you think you can help someone or to just stay in touch with people, but be smart about it and realize you can't help anyone if you are broke and back living in the element again.

4. Jackson says he does not think the Eagles leaked the story. If he really thought It was the Eagles, I am sure he would have said so. I mean he has to know it will be investigated and he had to have known it was coming out.

5.At about 18:30 the PR mood is destroyed as he hears that his fans and teammates do not paint him in the best light anymore. As the quote is being read you can see the tantrum volcano ready to erupt. From his appearance and reaction, he knows its a statement someone has actually made. I say this because it seems to have struck a chord and he ask for a name as if he wants to go fight someone. He admits to things earlier in his career as far as bad connections, locker room spats, etc. so whose to say the rumors are not true just because he won't admit they were more recent then he tells it.

Watch this video slowly... watch who comes to calm him(Vick,Celek,Maehl,Anderson,Cooper some staff).Cooper is even telling every one there is nothing to see pretty much and basically that we got it under control. Look who argues with him and the fact that its not easy to calm him, look who the coach sends to talk to him (Avant). No one else is arguing or acting concerned as if this is something new for him. Notice Celek's face and notice the person with the hat on that is totally unaware of this happening beside him. Either people act tuned out or intervene.

Do you seriously believe he was not a firecracker and a distraction. Do you seriously think his teammates were cool with this behavior? If he is willing to fight his WR coach, do you think he wouldn't cuss out Kelly? Jackson is the same guy who protected himself in 2011 nor was he willing to put it all on the line for his team. Again he didn't put up a fight with a DB for the ball but wants to put up a fight with his coaches and teammates. Where was the fight in you when the INT was in play?

6. Nice touch finishing up with your father's story for emotional appeal.

I have never lost a parent and it is probably a really tough thing to handle, but it can't be your excuse for messing up your career and throwing an opportunity away. I am sure if his father was as great as he says and if he is the same dad that was the coach of his little league team(w/ Sherman), he would want him to stay out of trouble and make smarter decisions.

The mere fact that Desean felt It necessary to clear his name up in the midst of the drama instead of letting it die down, even after releasing a PR statement, signing with a team, having the police clear his name, and having the NFLPA come to his aid is very telling of the kind of guy Desean is and his motivation. He obviously wants to be the center of attention and seen as "not a punk", but also a saint. It is hard to walk all those fine lines at once. Now the Eagles deserve some criticism if Desean was a headache and was not disciplined. They also deserve some criticism if they allowed their trade talks to be completely leaked, however we will cross that road when the story surfaces.

Side Note: Kelce was joking around that he is not the guy from the quotes...

Just so everyone knows, none of these quotes are from me. You'll never see me hide behind the title "Unnamedsource".

— Jason Kelce(@Jkelce) April 4, 2014

.why even surface to say it? (yeah, you posted a quote lol).

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