Caught up in the Illusions



How did we fall for the hype? How did we become so consumed with the drama and the complexities of unrelated issues, becoming so distracted to reality? We were like the kids who are watching the magician. Our eyes followed the route that the magician wanted our eyes to take rather than looking pass the shiny glamour to the contraption strapped to his back.

Where am I going with this? Mr. Smith of the NFLPA plans to investigate this matter. The Eagles released Desean Jackson thirty five minutes after an story hit the press tying Desean Jackson to people who take part in gang activity. From there, Myself, Richard Sherman, and multiple media outlets picked up our pitch forks and looked for a target to terrorize whether it be Mr. Jackson or the Eagles Organization.

Instead of looking at it from a mere business standpoint:

1. Eagles looking to trade Jackson.

2. Jackson has big contract and probably won’t restructure.

3. Teams are hesitant to take on contract and/or part with trade picks.

4. A few teams have interest.

5. story arrives killing any hopes of trade.

6. Desean Jackson is released.

We instantly looked for the most negative aspect to focus on. Not that he may have been a locker room headache and a team distraction. Not that only one or two players backed him as the trade talk began. Not that he didn’t buy in or had issues with his coaches. Not that the team just feels he may be paid too much in an offense that doesn’t rely on his big play ability as much as the old regime, which lived and died on the big play.

The Eagles only statement was something similar to this: After great consideration we have decided to part ways with Desean Jackson (not a direct quote). This and the remarks from the players and Brian Dawkins were the only statements from people who would somewhat have knowledge of the team’s thinking.

One thing I have seen from Chip Kelly is that he does not play nice with the media and will not feed them a story. So to think any media outlet in Philly or elsewhere has true in-sight is non-sense. I am guilty of following the magician’s hands, instead of trying to figure out what contraption held the dove. What I am asking of you is take the emotion out, take the glamour out, take the drama out, and look at the business aspect. From a business standpoint the story hurts Jackson’s trade value and it would not benefit the Eagles because either way they get nothing from the release and get public backlash for the move. The only ones who benefitted from this are the teams who were interested but didn’t want to pay full price or the media outlets who had the truth (Jackson just wasn’t Chip’s kind of guy) staring them in the face but thought more had to be happening in the background. Regardless of how you feel or what you think, please look for the contraption and not get caught up in the special effects that distract you.
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