The Linc - Brandin Cooks "Can Do It Like DeSean Jackson And Do It Better"

Steve Dykes

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 4/4/2014.

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Oregon State WR Brandin Cooks thinks he 'can do it like DeSean Jackson and do it better' - JimmyK,
Cooks certainly doesn't lack confidence. He believes that he's among the top of an elite crop of WRs in the 2014 draft class. "I feel like I’m the best receiver in this class and I’m not just saying that to say it," said Cooks. "I put up numbers that nobody else did this year. At the same time I was facing premier talent. I have respect for the other guys and give credit where credit is due, but I’m able to blow the top off, I’m able to catch underneath routes and take them the distance, but I see myself right up there with those guys, and in that top 5 conversation, top 3."

Beckham - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
WR Odell Beckham, Jr. could be the Eagles best choice at pick 22. He is a good fit for Chip Kelly’s offense and a very gifted, athletic prospect. He would also be good value in that range. I’d love for the Eagles to find some way to get Sammy Watkins from Clemson, but that’s just not happening. He should be a Top 5 pick and the Eagles aren’t likely to sell out to move up for him. Beckham is more of a 20 to 30 guy in terms of value.

DeSean Jackson signing is enormous risk for dysfunctional Washington Redskins - ESPN
Anybody who thinks Jackson's arrival in Washington is destined to be a roaring success is in need of a serious reality check. He's a highly emotional player with a history of losing his focus and driving coaches crazy with his mood swings. Jackson became a star in the NFL because his first head coach -- Andy Reid, now with the Kansas City Chiefs -- knew how to relate to one of the most explosive talents in the league today. Jackson also became expendable in Philadelphia, after his best statistical season, because Kelly doesn't have much interest in going out of his way to do the same.

DeSean Jackson: Need for Speed | The Tailgater
DeSean Jackson doesn't come to Washington without baggage, obviously, or else he might still be an Eagle. For a Redskins team that badly needed a deep threat to stretch the offense and help Robert Griffin III, importing Jackson is definitely a risk worth taking.

Whitlock: Eagles had other issues with DeSean Jackson - ESPN
The Eagles had plenty of work-related reasons to release DeSean Jackson and none of them related to any off-field affiliations, Jason Whitlock writes.

What to Expect From DeSean Jackson in Washington | FiveThirtyEight
Whatever the reason for leaving, it’s clear that good receivers who change addresses in the offseason see more of a regression than the typical pass-catcher coming off a strong season. Although this is no guarantee that Jackson will disappoint in 2014, the history of similar receivers says he’s unlikely to build on last season’s Pro Bowl performance. This was going to be true whether the Eagles retained him or not, but the odds of a decline increased with the move.

Trent Cole benefited from new scheme - ESPN
Arguably the Eagles’ top pass-rusher, Cole had to adjust from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense under Kelly and defensive coordinator Bill Davis. It took some time to adjust in his ninth season, but Cole wound up being one of the team’s most dangerous defensive players. After going the first eight games without a sack, Cole registered all eight sacks in the final eight games. In the process, he anchored a defense that improved steadily throughout the season.

The Distribution of Fandom in Pro Leagues | FiveThirtyEight
The Eagles are the 3rd most popular NFL team according to the data used here.

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