Mock Draft 1.0

Now that free-agency is basically done and most pro days are out. I'd like to take a stab at a mock draft for fun.

I'd only like to mock one trade, I think we keep Trent Cole, DeMeco Ryans, Vinny Curry, and James Casey (popular trade baits among you mock drafters). The only trade we have going is going to be Brandon Graham.

Brandon Graham to the Oakland Raiders for a 2014 Fourth (pick 107). This makes sense for both parties. Graham has struggled to look good in the 3-4 as a Rush OLB and Oak missed on several 4-3 DE's in free-agency. This will give them some youth to try and develop behind the very aged veterans they signed. Justin Tuck isn't going to be there next year and only giving up a fourth for the former first rounder makes sense.

Round 1 (22) - Louis Nix - NT - ND - Nix is a mammoth of a DT and relentless at collapsing the pocket. Last year he had some issues, but in ND's title game run, he swallowed offensive lineman and made it very easy for Tuitt and Teo to clean up. This would give Phi some much needed talent at the position and allow Bennie Logan to go back to being a rotational match-up player who can play anywhere on the line.

Round 2 (54) - Dion Bailey - S - USC - The more I watch him the more I like him. This pick is strictly about giving Davis more flexibility with his players. We all know how much Chip loves versatility. A hard hitting safety who can ballhawk and play in the box. Former 4-3 OLB who converted to safety last year without a change to play making ability or a dip in stats. I personally am on the Deonne Buchannon bandwagon, but I see Bailey being more of a Phi type of target. I would of done Jimmie Ward here but I think he'll sneak he'll be long gone before 54.

Round 3 (86) - Jared Abbrederis - WR - Wis - By far the best route runner in the draft class, and emphasizes what Chip want's in his WR's. Ability to block, and ability to beat man to man coverage. Having him in the slot, Maclin/Cooper outside will cause some havoc. Not to mention, he absolutely destroyed Roby in the Ohio St game.

Round 4 (107) - Kareem Martin - OLB - NC - Physical freak, I think can spend a year behind Trent and rotate in to become a starter next year. Has all the tools, just none of the consistency.

Round 4 (122) - Jordan Zumwalt - ILB - UCLA - Physical presence, will be good for rotating into pure run downs. Has a football mentality and I think can develop into a starter as well. Kid lives for football and that's the kind of mindset I want in all my players. Was told to calm it down a notch at Senior Bowl practices for being too amped up.

Round 5 (162) - Aaron Colvin - CB - OU - Really unsure if he will still be available here but I'm hoping. We have too many needs to draft him higher. If not for the torn ACL he'd be a fringe first round talent. Worth letting him redshirt and sit on IR for a year.

Round 7 (237) - Colt Lyerla - TE - Oregon - Colt is the type of psycho worth taking a shot on in the 7th round. Sure, he does coke and has a coke problem, sure he has Daddy issues. Chip seemed to hold him together the years he was him, and it all just fell apart last year without the chipper.

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