Absolute Can't Miss First Round Prospects

OK, here are the rules.

First rule: You have to list five first round prospects that will still be good or better (above average starters) in three years. If you miss on any one player, you get murdered. Sound harsh? Yes, that is the point. You have to pick the absolute can't miss first round prospcts.

Second rule: You can only pick one player at each position. This is to make it harder. We can't have 3+ WRs. That wont do.

My list is below with very brief explanations. There really isn't much to say- these are the five guys with the lowest amount of risk.

1. Aaron Donald.

Donald has all the skills and intangibles to make it in the NFL. On top of that, he has rare physical abilities. He is not a nose tackle but he will be an incredible 4-3 DT or 3-4 DE. There is plenty of room for him in the NFL.

2. Kyle Fuller.

In my mind, Fuller is the least risky CB prospect. A case could be made for Dennard or Gilbert for totally different reasons. Dennard is risky to me because he is not physically ideal for today's NFL so there is risk. The same is true for Verret. I think Verret and Dennard will only be successful if they land with the right team. Physically, Fuller is similar to Gilbert. Call it instinct or whatever, but I think Fuller has the right moxie to make a place for himself in the NFL. Since he wont be the first CB taken, he will have that chip on his shoulder. My life depends on this, I am going with my gut.

3. Mike Evans.

A case can be made for Sammy Watkins and your life would probably be in good hands. I think Evans is a less risky prospect. He has very many things going for him- size, speed, polish, etc... Bigger receivers (6'2''+) keep getting better and better. If my life depends on it, I want the big talented receiver as the lowest risk WR.

4. Khalil Mack.

He played at a small school but that is the only risk. He has determination, a chip on his shoulder, and everything you want from a guy who is playing to save your life. He has the ability to drive that you can count on (just like all these guys).

5. Jake Matthews.

Robinson is a great tackle and all, but Mattews has the pedigree and physical talent to be a no-risk choice. I don't know if a tackle with his pedigree and polish has ever been a bust.

I should point out that there is an unspoken third rule. If the guy gets injured, and it prevents him from becoming an above average starter, you still die. You pretty much have to select five guys with close to perfect bills of health. I think I did that. It would be pretty stupid of me to make a murder list without doing proper homework on injuries....

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