Answer At Kicker Could Be In Philadelphia Eagles' Own Backyard

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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After an up and down season for kicker Alex Henery this past year, the Philadelphia Eagles could very well be looking for some new competition at the position heading into the 2014 season. But little do they know, the answer to their problems could be right in their own backyard.

Jon Striefsky, a 27-year old Pennsylvania native is working hard everyday to chase his dream and get the opportunity to work out for an NFL team. Striefsky was named an Associated Press and The Sports Network first team all-american in college at the University of Delaware. Striefsky also holds multiple school kicking records for the Blue Hens. Although he went undrafted in the 2010 NFL Draft, Striefsky took his talents to the AFL and signed with the Philadelphia Soul in 2011. He then played for the Jacksonville Sharks, another AFL team in 2012, but is now pursuing his NFL dream head on.

Striefsky is currently in Charlotte, North Carolina training with Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee Doug Blevins. Blevins is widely regarded as a so called "kicking guru" and he strongly believes that Striefsky is more than ready for his shot at the next level. That's very high praise considering Blevins has worked with kickers such as former Eagle David Akers and other great NFL kickers like Olindo Mare, Adam Vinatieri and Justin Tucker. If Blevins believes in Striefsky, than so should everybody else.

Although Striefsky has received some interest from the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, he has yet to be given the opportunity to prove himself in an NFL training camp. It would be pretty amazing to see Striefsky brought in by the Eagles, the team he grew up rooting for, to battle it out in a kicking competition. He's no stranger to competition and believes he is more than capable of holding his own and would make the most of an opportunity in the NFL.

Having grown up in Pennsylvania, Striefsky is no stranger to cold weather either. He is pretty big for a kicker at 6'1", 210 lbs. with a stocky build. That may explain how he is able to nail 50+ yard field goals in a snowstorm as seen in this video:

Striefsky isn't just on the field all day either, he puts in a lot of work at the gym and is constantly trying to strengthen his legs so he can continue to improve his game. Here's another video showcasing just how strong his legs are with a 40+ inch box jump:

Striefsky has been through a lot trying to achieve his life long goal of reaching the NFL. He's worked his fair share of jobs to try and support his training and preparation to become a kicker at the next level. Striefsky has worked as a bartender, waiter, grass mower, high end denim jean salesman, car salesman for KIA and even tested broken phones for a cellular insurance claim company just to name a few. Now that's a whole lot of jobs but that's what it takes for him to support his dream, and he isn't afraid to admit it. "I have held jobs that allow me to train, travel and get by because I feel that eventually, the sacrifice will pay off in the form of an NFL helmet." Striefsky said.

So far all the training and hard work has only resulted in a handful of phone calls from professional teams but Striefsky is still confident. As I'm typing this, he's probably on the field working on his kicking with Coach Blevins or in the gym strengthening his body. Either way, the process never stops for him and he's going to keep chasing it until his dream comes to fruition. With OTA's starting up this week and the draft right around the corner, Striefsky should hopefully be hearing from some teams very soon. Why can't it be the Eagles?

Many Eagles' fans have voiced their displeasure with Alex Henery's struggle and inconsistencies with long field goals. That wouldn't be the case with Jon Striefsky in Philadelphia. He has worked hard with Coach Blevins to make that an area of strength in his repertoire. Here's another video of Streifsky training in Charlotte, North Carolina, this time he makes thirty eight 50-yard field goals in a single session:

Another area of Henery's game that frustrates Eagles' fans is his inability to kick balls out of the endzone on kickoffs. Luckily for them, that is another strength of Striefsky's. Before he started training with Coach Blevins, Striefsky did struggle with his kickoffs but that has changed with a ton of practice, as you can see in this video:

So as you can see, Striefsky has a load of talent and should at least get a few more phone calls before the 2014 season begins.

Even if Striefsky doesn't get a shot in Philadelphia with the Eagles, all he's looking for is that one opportunity to showcase what he can do. "I am not asking for a contract, just a workout. I am no stranger to competition and I'm confident I can kick with anybody. I have proven success at every level I have played at and the only thing I have ever need in the past was a chance." Striefsky said.

If you'd like to contact Jon Striefsky, you can call him at 215-290-0398 or email him at Also, feel free to watch more videos of Jon Striefsky training and working out on his YouTube channel at Thanks for reading!

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