Breaking Bad, Breaking Good, Breaking Even...The Most in Depth Look at the Draft Process and Mock draft of 2014

Breaking Down the Draft from 2004-2010

Ive taken every selection from 2004 thru 2010 and graded each selection and will try to find out the success rate of each position during this time. I will also try to find any trends that have occurred during 2004-2010 seasons such as has the success and failure of certain positions from 2004-2010 affected the way teams have drafted? And I will also find the success(boom), failure(bust), and average players(tweeners) from each year and try to find a average and relate it to this years draft class.

* I only did to 2010 because its too early to grade 2011-2013

** Skip to the bottom is you want just the analysis, I always like to include bulks of data to show i have done my research, right under the red stoplight picture

*** I judged boom or bust off of expectations from where at which point drafted, career as a starter, and length of career among other things



2004 Total Picked Boom Bust Tweener

QB- 4 3 1 0

RB- 3 1 1 1

WR- 7 2 3 2

TE- 2 1 0 1

FB- 0 0 0 0

OT- 2 2 0 0

OG- 1 0 1 0

C- 0 0 0 0

DE- 3 2 1 0

DT- 3 2 1 0

LB- 2 2 0 0

CB- 4 3 1 0

S- 1 1 0 0

first ten picks

qb - ot - wr- qb - s- te - wr - cb - wr - cb

picks 11 - 21

qb - lb - wr - dt - wr - g - lb - de - ot - de - dt

picks 22-32

qb - dt - rb - cb - rb - de - cb - wr - rb - wr - te

2005 Total Picked Boom Bust Tweener

QB- 3 1 1 1

RB- 3 0 2 1

WR- 6 1 4 1

TE- 1 1 0 0

FB- 0 0 0 0

OT- 2 1 1 0

OG- 1 1 0 0

C- 1 1 0 0

DE- 2 1 1 0

DT- 3 1 2 0

LB- 5 2 1 2

CB- 5 2 3 0

S- 0 0 0 0

first 10 picks

QB - RB - WR - RB - RB - CB - WR - CB - CB - WR

picks 11-21

LB - LB - OT - LB - LB - DT - LB - DE- OT - DE - WR

picks 22-32

wr- cb - qb - qb - c- wr - dt - cb - te - dt - G

2006 total picked boom bust tweener

QB- 3 1 2 0

RB- 4 0 2 2

WR- 1 1 0 0

TE- 2 2 0 0

FB- 0 0 0 0

OT- 1 1 0 0

OG- 1 1 0 0

C- 1 1 0 0

DE- 3 3 0 0

DT- 3 1 1 1

LB- 6 2 3 1

CB- 4 2 2 0

S- 3 2 1 0

first 10 picks

de- rb - qb - ot- lb - te - s - s - ln - qb

picks 11-21

qb - dt - de - dt - cb - s - lb - lb - cb - de - rb

picks 22-32

lb - g - cb - wr - dt - rb - te - c - rb - cb - lb

2007 total picked boom bust tweener

QB- 2 0 2 0

RB- 2 2 0 0

WR- 6 2 3 1

TE- 1 0 0 1

FB- 0 0 0 0

OT- 3 2 1 0

OG- 1 1 0 0

C- 0 0 0 0

DE- 4 1 3 0

DT- 3 0 2 1

LB- 3 3 0 0

CB- 3 2 1 0

S- 4 3 0 1

first 10 picks

qb -wr- ot - de - ot - s - rb - de - wr - dt

picks 11-21

lb - rb - dt - cb - lb - dt - de - cb - s - cb - s

picks 22- 32

qb - wr - s - lb - de - wr - ot - og - wr - te - wr

2008 total picked boom bust tweener

QB- 2 2 0 0

RB- 5 2 1 2

WR- 0 0 0 0

TE- 1 0 0 1

FB- 0 0 0 0

OT- 8 6 2 0

OG- 0 0 0 0

C- 0 0 0 0

DE- 4 1 3 0

DT- 3 0 3 0

LB- 2 1 1 0

CB- 5 2 1 2

S- 1 0 0 1

first 10 picks

ot - de - qb - rb - dt - de - dt - de - lb - lb

picks 11-21

cb - ot - rb - ot - ot - cb - ot - qb - ot - cb - ot

picks 22-32

rb - rb- rb - cb - ot - cb - de - dt - te - s

2009 total picked boom bust tweener

QB- 3 1 2 0

RB- 3 0 3 0

WR- 6 4 2 0

TE- 1 0 0 1

FB- 0 0 0 0

OT- 4 1 2 1

OG- 0 0 0 0

C- 2 2 0 0

DE- 4 1 2 1

DT- 3 0 2 1

LB- 4 2 2 0

CB- 1 1 0 0

S- 1 0 0 1

first 10 picks

qb - t - de- lb - qb - t - wr - t- nt -wr

picks 11-21

de- rb - de- s - lb - de - qb - lb - wr - te - c

picks 22-32

wr - t- dt - cb - lb - rb - c - wr - wr - rb - dt

2010 total picked boom bust tweener

QB- 2 0 1 1

RB- 3 0 2 1

WR- 2 2 0 0

TE- 1 1 0 0

FB- 0 0 0 0

OT- 4 3 0 1

OG- 1 1 0 0

C- 1 1 0 0

DE- 5 0 2 3

DT- 4 3 1 0

LB- 2 0 1 1

CB- 5 4 1 0

S- 2 2 0 0

first 10 picks

qb - dt - dt - ot - ss - ot - cb - mlb - rb - dt

picks 11-21

ot- rb - de- fs- de - de- og - c - olb - cb - te

picks 22-32

wr - ot - wr - qb - dt - cb - de - cb - rb - de - cb



INITIAL BREAKDOWN: Overall boom or bust and tweeners % from 2004-2010 in the first round

***I rounded up and down on decimals***

46% of draft picks from 2004-2010 were successful draft picks

35% of draft picks from 2004-2010 turned out to be bad picks

15% of draft picks turned out to be average starters

Of the 46% of the boom picks 48% of the time they were offensive and 47% of the time defensive

Of the 35% that turned out to be busts, almost 48% were offensive and 52% defensive

POSITION RANKING RISK VS REWARD: based on results above

What are the safest picks in the first round? From 2004-2010, ive broken down percentage wise the safest positions to draft in round one vs the most unsafest positions in order. All the percentages of failure, success, and average players are added using the grading system from above to determine what positions have done the best over a 7 year stretch of the NFL Draft. These results will help determine which way each team should draft in my mock draft at the bottom.

Center = 100% success rate

Guard = 80% success rate and 20% failure

safety = 66% success rate, 8% failure, 25% average pllayer

Offensive Tackle = 66% success rate, 25% failure rate, 8% average player

cornerback = 59% success rate. 33% failure, 7% average player

tight end = 55% success rate, 45% average player

linebackers = 50% success rate, 33% failure, 16% average player

quarterback = 47% success rate, 41, failure, 11% average player

wide receiver = 43% success rate, 43% failure rate, 14% average player

defensive end = 36% success rate, 48% failure, 16% average player

defensive tackle = 31% success rate, 54% failure, 13% average player

running back = 21% success rate, 47% failure rate, and 30% average player



THE MOCK DRAFT: players i believe each team should really draft based on positional value and success and failure over the course of the years and team need.

1. Houston Texans - Team Needs- Quaterback, Rush Linebacker, Inside Linebacker, cornerback

It pretty much comes down to quarterback vs Jadeveon Clowney. Judging by the sucess rate of linebackers being 50% and quarterbacks being 47% in the first round vs the failure rate, it really comes down to depth of the position in the draft. Most teams that are in need of a quarterback have been thinking of taking a quarterback in 2nd round, or even perhaps trading back up into the tail end of the first round to grab a quarterback that has fallen. There is no Andrew Luck or RG3 in this draft. Johnny Football is a intriguing option, but to pass on a "once in a generation" talent as Jadeveon Clowney isn't worth the risk. There has been a mixed reaction to Clowneys raw talent and athletic ability vs his desire to compete and win which doesn't make this pick a lock either. I still don;t think thats enough for the Texans to pass on Clowney. A trade down into the top 5-6 is possible if someone wants Clowney bad enough. If not the Texans will select:

Jadeveon Clowney OLB, South Carolina

2. St. Louis Rams - Team Needs- Offensive Tackle, Safety, Wide Receiver, Guard

This could be another spot where the Rams trade out and pick up more picks to a team hungry to grab a certain player. If the Rams trade out of the two spot, it will also most likely be with a team who holds one of the top 6 picks, and the Lions are also a dark horse in the race. The success rate of offensive tackles 66% and positional value makes it very hard for me to think they won't be selecting a offensive tackle with their first pick and considering its such a glaring hole. If your set with Bradford at quarterback, you need someone to protect him. Greg Robinson will be the pick at number 2. If the Rams maneuver around, they will do so while keeping Jake Matthews within their reach. Jake Long tore his ACL and MCL in December, its vital they come away with a big OT here considering theres a drop off in value after Robinson and Matthews.

Greg Robinson OT, Auburn

3. Jacksonville Jaguars -Team Needs - Quarterback, Guard, Running back, Center

Theres no way the Jaguars don't select a quarterback here. I honestly can't remember the last time the Jaguars had a really good quarterback. Mark Brunell? There have been rumors of the Jaguars taking Khalil Mack or even Sammy Watkins. I just dont buy it. I really think they go either Bortles, Bridgewater, or Manziel here. I think Gus Bradley will want to find his own Russell Wilson type quarterback. I don;t think Bortles gives them that. I think its between Bridgewater and Manziel. Only knock on Manziel is his height, but Gus Bradley came from Seattle where there was another quaterback everyone said was too small. I think the pick is

Johnny Manziel QB, Texas A&M

4.Cleveland Browns - Team Needs - quarterback, receiver, running back, wide receiver inside linebacker

Heres another team that has consistently made poor choices in the draft at quarterback. I don't know about the Browns but i certainly wouldnt want to bet the farm on Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater with the 4th overall. Mike Pettine is a defensive minded coach. Josh Gordon floated out rumors that he has talked to Ray Farmer and hes pretty sure there taking a quarterback, but I dont believe Gordon would be foolish enough to give away the Browns draft plans. I think the pick comes between Sammy Watkins and Khalil Mack here. I wouldn't be suprised if Kyle Shanahan tries to trade for Kirk Cousins beings that the Redskins are desperate for picks and Kyle is familiar with him. If not the Browns are in prime position to draft a quarterback at 26. Considering the success rate at lb being 50% and wide receiver being 42% and how deep the draft if at wide receiver I believe the Browns select:

Khalil Mack OLB, Buffalo

5. Oakland Raiders - Team Needs - Quarterback, Wide Receiver, pretty much everywhere

Raiders filled alot of holes on both sides of the ball by signing alot of veteran free agents this off season. Some people still have the Raiders selecting a quarterback in round 1 but I just dont see it with the Shaub signing. Reggie Mckenzie must feel a little tingle of heat from under the chair hes sitting in because judging from this offseasons flurry of signing I think hes under the gun to win now or his job could be in jeopardy. BPA will be the pick here. Sammy Watkins or Jake Matthews is the pick here, unless the lions really want Watkins and make the Raiders a offer they cant pass up.

Sammy Watkins WR, Clemson

6. Atlanta Falcons - Team Needs - Offensive Tackle, Defensive End, Tight end, Wide Receiver

Falcons when from a SuperBowl contender last year and absolutely stunk it up. Tony G is gone so they need to replace him and Roddy White is turning 33 so Mike Evans certainly wouldn't be a surprise here considering the Falcons have a long history of making bold and brash picks. They signed Tyson Jackson to help Osi Omenyiora so this pick could go alot of ways. They could potentially trade up with the Rams to grab Khalil Mack here or take Jake matthews. I think the Falcons suprise everyone and pick

Anthony Barr OLB, UCLA

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Team Needs - Quarterback, Guard, Wide Receiver, Middle Linebacker

New Coach, new, regime, new quarterback. Mike Glennon wont be the starting quarterback come September. Id have to think the pick will be between Mike Evans, Teddy Bridgewater, or Blake Bortles here. I also wouldn't rule out a team like the Giants trying to trade up to grab Jake Matthews or the Lions trading up to select Mike Evans here. In fact I feel pretty confident you will see the Lions trade up to this pick to get Mike Evans. But Im not doing trades in this mock so with the 7th pick I think the Buccaneers select

Blake Bortles QB, Central Florida

8. Minnesota Vikings - Team Needs - Quarterback, safety, Defensive Tackle, wide receiver

Minnesota has Christian Ponder, and Matt Cassell as their current quarterbacks, they got rid of Josh Freeman who has recently signed with the Giants. The Vikings could consider Bridgewater if hes here or Bortles, or Manziel if there available, but could be looking to trade out of this spot to a team like the Giants who might covet Jake Matthews or Mike Evans. The lions could also trade up to try and poach Mike Evans for anyone. If the Vikings trade down they will most likely targte Calvin Pyror or HaHa Clinton-Dix or perhaps someone like Louis Nix or Arron Donald. One thing to remember is this team isn't as bad as their record showed last year. They lost alot of close games. Alot of people might consider quarterback here especially if Blake Bortles, Manziel, or Bridgewater is there but I see them picking

Mike Evans WR, Texas A&M

9. Buffalo Bills - Team Needs - Wide Receiver, Tight End, Right Tackle, Safety

I feel bad for the Bills. They draft alot of great players just can't seem to retain them. The loss of Jarius Byrd opens up a huge hole at safety and they certainly could use another play maker to help E.J. Manuel. If Mike Evans is here, its almost a lock the Bills select him. Haha Clinton Dix will also receive consideration, but the success rate of Offensive Tackles is pretty high in the first round at 66% and with Jake Matthews sitting there, I'd have a hard time if I were the Bills passing that opportunity up. If I'm the Bills front office I want a player thats going to stick around for a while. If they pick another flashy player, in 3-4 years he'll most likely want out of Buffalo, sad reality for them. If Mike Evans isn't there the bills are selecting

Jake Matthews OT, Texas A&M

10. Detroit Lions - Team Needs - wide receiver, free safety, cornerback, defensive end

Another team that isn't as bad as there record indicates. With the head coaching change and a few puzzles added in the draft the Lions could made a deep playoff run if their worlds aligned, Lions almost certainly want to move up to select Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans in this years draft to pair him with Calvin Johnson and i wouldnt be surprised if the Lions sell everything but the Kitchen sink in order to do so. Watkins will be the pick, but since im not doing trades in this mock, HaHa Clinton-Dix could be a option here, Marquise Lee also another option or even Eric Ebron. Pick is in...

Eric Ebron TE, North Carolina

11. Tennessee Titans - Team Needs - running back, quarterback, outside linebacker, wide receiver, cornerback

The failure rate of running backs for the titans or anyone else to consider one this early for a long time unless the prospect is Adrian Peterson's 2nd coming. They seem pretty set for now with Jake Locker at Quarterback so i believe the pick will come down to an edge rusher, wide receiver, or cornerback. I think Wisenhunt as his eyes set on Anthony Barr falling but I just dont see Barr falling past the first 10 picks. A lot of people have Justin Gilbert mocked to the Titans because of the loss of Alterraun Verner, but I get the impression Wisenhunt wants to adress cornerback in a later round. I just don't understand why they would let Werner walk that turn around and use their first round draft pick to fill his spot. Seems dumb to me. I think they go with

Ryan Shazier OLB, Ohio State

12. New York Giants - Team Needs - Left Tackle, Outside Linebacker, Defensive end

Seems like a no brainer pick here. Taylor Lewlan is a top 10 talent but has a little baggage. Eli Manning was abused all last season. They had a great off season with a flurry of signings to help them compete again in the division. Marquise Lee could be a option here but the Giants have always had great sucess finding wide receivers later on in the draft. They would love to go olb here, but if Barr is not a option I think the go

Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

13. St Louis Rams - Team Needs - Offensive Tackle, Safety, Wide Receiver, Guard

Rams pick up a offensive tackle with their first pick and either go safety or wide receiver here. the sucess rate of safetys is very high for the rams not to pass up on HaHa Clinton Dix or Calvin Pryor here although Im sure Marquise Lee will get some consideration as well. At a 66% success rate with safetys, I have the rams selecting

Haha Clinton-Dix S, Alabama

14. Chicago Bears - Team Needs - safety, defensive tackle, sam linerbacker, cornerback

Bears got torched last year thru the air and on the ground. Theres a lot of great options available to them defensively: Calvin Pyror or Clinton-Dix could be there, Gilbert or Darqueeze Dennard, Bradley Roby or even Louis Nix or Aaron Donald. Might just be a matter of which one of those are left and who they have rated higher, because each whole is just as bad as the next. I think they start up front with

Aaron Donald DT, Pittsburgh

15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Team Needs - cornerback, defensive end, inside linebacker, tight end

I think it really comes down to if C.J. Mosley is there, do we like him better than any of the cornerbacks still out there. In my draft so far Gilbert, Roby, and Dennard are still out there. Maybee its a hunch but one of these 4 players just feels like a Pittsburgh type of a player and fills a hole so im putting down :

C.J. Mosley OLB, Alabama

16. Dallas Cowboys - Team Needs - defensive tackle, defensive end, safety, outside linebacker

Cowboys were a injury riddled team last year that are much better than there record served them. Calvin Pyror could certainly be a option here at 16, but they pretty much imploded their defensive line this offseason. They signed Henry Melton and Terrell Mclain but Louis Nix could get serious consideration here none the less. Antony Barr is the one player the cowboys truly covet I believe and he could very well drop to 16 but I just dont see it. Cowboys might gear up to make a trade to land Barr if they can, they need someone to replace Demarcus Ware, and Jerry Jones almost always trades up or down in the draft every year since hes had his team. Im almost certain he will make a play for Barr, if he can't get Barr he might trade down a bit. Three players I think they'll consider are Louis Nix, Aaron Donald, and Kony Ealy. My pick is

Kony Ealy DE, Missouri

17. Baltimore Ravens - Team Needs - wide receiver, offensive tackle, safety, running back,

Matt Elam struggled last year and alot of people have Calvin Pryor being mocked to the Ravens. However I think the Ravens lack weapons and might consider someone like Marquise Lee at here. Steve Smith was a nice signing but he only has a couple more years left in the tank. They also have a hole at offensive tackle. They resigned Euegene Monroe but let Michael Oher Walk. Zack Martin or Morgans Moses will get some consideration here. I think the Ravens go ahead and select

Marqise Lee WR, USC

18. New York Jets - Team Needs - wide receiver, safety, cornerback., tight end

Whatever division Brady and Manning are in, ussually opposing teams needs are secondary. Jets defense once could compete with the Patriots but now they have a few holes to fill to catch up to the offseason moves the Patriots have made. This is most likely Rex Ryans last stand so hes going to want a defensive player. He made a big stink in the press about not getting a cornerback so i;d imagine they target Justin Gilbert, Bradley Roby, or Darqueeze Dennard. Draft is too deep at wide receiver to go for one at this point and cornerbacks have a much higher first round success rate in the first round than wide receivers. The pick is

Darqueze Dennard CB, Michigan State

19. Miami Dolphins - Team Needs - Offensive line guard and tackle

Thanks to Incognito-gate, the dolphins have quite a few holes on the offensive line. They could take a look at Zack Martin, but I believe they go gaurd here. In 2004-2010 drafts, every first round guard picked turned out to be a great selection with 0% busts out of 5 total selections. They need players that will help restore the dolphins name back to decency. The best guard in the draft happens to be quite the person off the field having dedicated 2 years of his life away from college football to go on missions, as required from his mormon lifestyle only to come back to dominate once again. Seems like a good fit, the pick is

Xavier Su'a-Fill G, UCLA

20. Arizona Cardinals - Team Needs - offensive tackle, safety, quarterback, outside linebacker

Could be the surprise pick of the draft if Bridgewater falls to the Cardinals, also could start to be in that range that teams that opted not to select a quarterback early might want to start consider getting ahead of the Browns to select Bridgewater or Derek Carr. Zack Martin could be a great option here also Calvin Pryor could be the answer as well considering Yerimiah Bell is 36 years old. I say the pick is

Calvin Pryor S, Louisville

21. Green Bay Packers - Team Needs - safety, inside linebacker, defensive end, tight end,

Packers will hope HaHa Clinton Dix or Calvin Pryor falls to them, and one of them certainly could. In my mock I have both going earlier so the packers will just go with BPA. I think they look at Louis Nix or someone like Ra'Shede Hageman at this spot and go safety later on in the draft. The pick is in, packers select

Ra'Shede Hageman DT, Minnesota

22. Philadelphia Eagles - Team Needs - wide receiver, nose tackle, cornerback, safety, edge rusher

Ive stated before in my other fanpost that the first three rounds the eagles go cornerback, wide receiver, and olb in any order depending on BPA. I think Brandin Cooks is the BPA, but I feel like they might want a Kelvin Benjamin or Martavious Byrant like player with big hands that has height. This is the toughest pick to make because im emotionally involved in this one. My heart tells me Brandin Cooks, but my brain is telling me we pick

Kelvin Benjamin WR, Florida State

23. Kansas City Chiefs - Team Needs - wide receiver, cornerback, tight end, offensive guard and tackle

Word on the street is that Andy Reid only coaches now and has little to do with the draft. We'll see about that. If Big Red is in charge the pick will be Xavier Su'a Fila or David Yankey or possibly even a cornerback. If its a receiver that is chosen or linebacker, that I'd be pretty sure Andy Reid isn't as powerful as he once was. The pick is in its

Justin Gilbert CB, Oklahoma State

24. Cincinnati Bengals - Team Needs - Cornerback, Defensive end, center, defensive tackle

I see the bengals either going defensive tackle or cornerback in this years draft, but wouldnt be suprised if they tried to add another wide receiver threat to help Andy Dalton and A.J. Green a bit. Brandin Cooks and Odell Beckham Jr are still out there. Bradley Roby could be a intresting option but this last years play certainly didnt help him out too much. I think the pick is

Kyle Fuller CB, Virginia Tech

25. San Diego Chargers - Team Needs - cornerback, outside linebacker, nose tackle, wide receiver

I think the Chargers would really love to go cornerback here and might consider Bradley Roby, Kyle Fuller, or Darqueeze Dennard but ultimately Brandin Cooks value is too good here and I think they give Phillip Rivers another option to create some space and in turn help out Vincent Brown and Malcolm Floyd. The pick is

Brandin Cooks WR, Oregon State

26. Cleveland Browns - Team Needs - quarterback, receiver, running back, wide receiver inside linebacker

Quarterback plain and simple. Bridgewater and Carr will fall, but I dont like either of them. I think the Browns are going to go after Kirk Cousins and offer the Redskins a pick or two for his services. But were not doing trades here, so the browns make another first round draft bust choice and select

Derek Carr QB, Fresno State (sorry browns fans)

27. New Orleans Saints - Team Needs - cornerback, edge rusher, inside linebacker, wide receiver

Saints are primed for a super bowl run. They have a much improved defense with the additions of Jarius Byrd and Champ Bailey but they could get a cornerback to groom considering how old Champ Bailey is here. Someone like Dee Ford could also be a possibility. I think its between Kyle Fuller and Dee Ford. A guy like Zack Martin could make a lot of sense at this spot as well. I think they go with

Dee Ford OLB, Auburn

28. Carolina Panthers - Team Needs - Left Tackle, Wide Receiver, cornerback, Right Tackle

Im not sure what the panthers strategy was this offseason. Let the almost all their starting receivers go, Jordan Gross retires and Byron Bell isn't very good. It will come between BPA between Offensive tackle. They will be lucky if Zack Martin is available because he could very well be drafted much earlier. I think theres going to be a big run on receivers starting halfway thru the draft so they might have to reach a bit if they want a wide receiver. Davante Adams could be a option, he posted big numbers all season long but played against weak competition. I actually think Davante Adams is very underrated yet most of the leagues critics are skeptical about him being taken early and his draft stock floor and ceiling varies. Horrible off season for a team that did so well and surprised so many people last year there almost forced to pick

Zack Martin OT, Notre Dame

29. New England Patriots - Team Needs - tight end, guard, wide receiver, nose tackle, center

Patriots had a few nice additions this offseason. Revis was a huge pick up in free agency but is almost a wash-out because they lost Talib. Patriots love to move around the draft and this is where i could see the Patriots moving back to allow another team to move up to get their franchise quarterback. Since were not doing trades here a potential target for the Patriots could be

Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE, Washington

30. San Francisco 49ers - Team Needs - cornerback, wide receiver, center, outside linebacker

49ers dont have many extreme holes and with Aldon Smith acting a fool so to speak, the 49ers might be interested in a player that Harbaugh is very familiar with, being Trent Murphy. Trent Murphys draft stock has slipped quite a bit due to a poor combine and pro day but don't be suprised if thats the pick. .Although the 49ers have enough fire power to trade up in the draft to get a wide receiver or they may want or a cornerback they want, no trades in this mock so the pick is

Jason Verrett, CB, TCU

31. Denver Broncos - Team Needs - cornerback, inside linebacker, wide receiver, running back

Broncos don't have too many holes after a impressive off-season free agent hull that landed Aqib Talib, Demarcus Ware, and T.J. Ward. I expect a run on cornerback in the 17-30 range but if someone slips that they like they could go cornerback. They could just take B.P.A or trade back a few spots to allow a franchise get their quarterback they covet. Barring no trades, i think the pick is

Scott Crichton DE, Oregon State

32. Seattle Seahawks - Team Needs - wide receiver, right tackle, guard, cornerback

I dont see any offensive tackles being worthy of a pick here or any 1st round grade tackles that can slip to pick number 32. With the loss of Golden Tate I think they go wide receiver here, but cornerback could also be a option. Someone like Bradley Roby could make a lot of sense. The pick is in though and its

Davante Adams WR, Fresno State

Hope you enjoyed my fan post



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