Would Mike Evans and Dion Jordan be enough?




I know this might be better as a fan post, however I wanted to see what people were thinking and see if I could get some debate going. I have been going over every possible draft situation in my head over the past few weeks and the news of the Dion Jordan interest had me try to play out a situation in which we might be able to land him without giving up our first round pick.

My view on Dion Jordan last year was I felt he was a reach as a top five player. If he was coming out this year I think he would fall somewhere between Barr/Mack and Dee Ford. From my understanding of what has been reported we got Miami's attention with a second round and Brandon Graham offer, but they want pick 22. I don't think this trade is dead yet, and if they can meet somewhere in the middle this deal might still get done. Something like 2nd this year, Graham, and a conditional 2015 pick like 3rd/4th might be enough as draft day approaches.

Now to add on to this hypothetical scenario, what if Mike Evans falls to 14. I think the Bears want to move back and pick up some picks while still getting that DT they are thought to be targeting. The Steelers at 15 may also want to move back as they are probably looking at C.J. Mosley, Louis Nix, or one of the CB's. One of those players should be there at pick 22. I think in both cases our pick 22 and our 3rd and 4th round pick should be able to get a deal done with one of those two teams. The value according to the draft trade chart would be in our favor, however those charts are pretty much out the window with the new rookie pay scale, and the fact that this is considered to be such an incredible draft.

Now if these two scenarios played out we could end up with:

  • Pick 15 (for picks 22, 86, 122): Mike Evans
  • Pick 54 and Future conditional 3rd/4th and Brandon Graham: Dion Jordan

And still have our 5th and 7th round pick available.

In which case I personally would look at:

  • Round 5: Aaron Colvin
  • Round 7: Jonathan Dowling

I guess the question I am trying to get at in this situation is what are your thoughts on quality over quantity?

Do you think Mike Evans could fall to 14? Would he be worth going up to get? Do you think a 1st, 3rd, and 4th get that done?

Where would you put Dion Jordan in this class of OLB/pass rushers? Do you think by throwing in a future pick or another pick this year we could snag him without giving up our 1st?

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