Thoughts on the Eagles WR situation.

To begin with I would like to say that I am not worried about the Eagles WR situation as of now, I feel that we are solid at the position but it could be addressed by adding a guy in the draft who could become a star. The thing is that the Eagles cannot bank on anybody other than the guys in house right now coming in and being productive. With that said I would like to share my thoughts on our WR's, why I'm not worried about replacing Deseans production and I take a shot at Kelvin Benjamin.

Our Wide Receivers:

  1. Jeremy Maclin- Quite honestly I've seen Maclin for years as the Eagles best WR and with him coming off injury I'm fully aware that he could take a step back early in the year however by mid-season I can see him being back to his 2012 form. Keep in mind that back in 2012 Maclin and Foles had a very good connection and when the pressure was on him to make plays without guys like Cooper and Jackson he did so.
  2. Riley Cooper- Riley is a guy who will always be a #2 WR and there is nothing wrong with that. Cooper did well last year especially late in the season and I don't think that you can knock him to much for the "Djax effect" everybody keeps talking about.
  3. Brad Smith- He might be the best option for us in the slot, Smith is a guy who can make something happen after the catch which is exhibited by his return skills, he is also a guy who has some size at 6'2 213lbs. However he is a guy you look to replace sometime this season with a younger option.
  4. Demaris Johnson- He is the most Desean-esqe player we have on the roster now, he is a guy who made things happen with the ball in his hands back in college and now 2 years removed from college it might be the time that Johnson steps up and makes a jump. He's another guy I'd tag as a potential slot WR for the Eagles.
  5. Arrelious Benn- Coming off a torn ACL and with the history of injuries he has had in recent years I hope he can remain healthy and help the Eagles because he is loaded with talent. His size is comparable to Cooper and I would like to see two guys on the field with that size.

Why I don't feel replacing Desean Jackson's production won't be a big deal:
First off it isn't easy to replace a player like Jackson however with the WR's we have in place the ball will be spread out a bit more and the production won't be replaced by one player, it'll be a committee approach. I also think that adding Sproles to the offense will help the Eagles replace the production lost by Jackson, he was a receiving threat for the Saints over the last few years. The last part that I feel everybody has forgotten about is the Tight ends, they will be instrumental in the passing game this year and will likely be the ones to pick up the majority of the slack in the passing game, guys like Celek and Ertz could have a huge spike in production this year.

Why I hate Benjamin as an Eagle:

Player A:
Height- 6’5
Weight- 240lbs
Arm Length- ~35 inches
Hands- ~10 inches
40 time- 4.61
Bench- 13 reps
Vertical- 32.5 inches
Broad- 119 inches
3-cone- 7.33
20yd Shuttle- 4.39
40yd Shuttle- 12.08

Player B:Height- 6’5
Weight- 249lbs
Arm Length- ~32 inches
Hands- 9 3/4
40 time- 4.76
Bench- 24 reps
Vertical- 30.5 inches
Broad- 111 inches
3-cone- 7.08
20yd Shuttle- 4.47
40yd Shuttle- 11.92

Player A is Benjamin, Player B is Zach Ertz. I think many of the Eagles fans out there (many here on BGN) are infatuated with Benjamin's size where we have Ertz who is nearly identical to Benjamin. I think spending an early pick on Benjamin would end up being a wasted pick, Benjamin would come in and likely only be a slot guy for his first season or two and last season Ertz actually played quite a bit in the slot and provided more versatility than Benjamin would to the Eagles. I've always felt that Benjamin was a TE that split out wide, and for his size he doesn't really have stellar athletic ability, he just looks like a Tight End.

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