The Linc - Is Malcolm Jenkins the Eagles' Best Bet at Safety?

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Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/8/2014.

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Kempski's Corner: Top 5 free agent fits for the Eagles - JimmyK,
In this episode of Kempski's Corner,'s Pat Gallen and Jimmy Kempski break down the top free agents the Eagles should target this offseason.

In free agency, Eagles' best bet at safety is Malcolm Jenkins - Jeff McLane, Inquirer
Aside from cost, the Eagles are unlikely to pursue free-agent safeties Jairus Byrd and T.J. Ward because neither is an ideal schematic fit. Instead, the best fit may be the Saints' Malcolm Jenkins. The Eagles want versatility on defense and safeties that are interchangeable. That has been the trend in the NFL in recent seasons, but the Seahawks' success with a traditional free and strong safety could have some teams opting to go old-school.

Free Agency Perspective - Tommy Lawlor, Iggles Blitz
I think bringing Nate back makes sense and would be a smart move. Sign him for a couple of years and let him fight for a spot. Hopefully he’d be competing with Earl Wolff, a free agent signing and a draft pick. That’s the kind of competition the Eagles need at Safety. We’re not talking about giving Nate much money. If he is better and earns playing time, great. If not, cut him.

Measuring beyond girth: How offensive linemen are graded in the NFL | The MMQB with Peter King
By Ross Tucker Offensive linemen are football’s forgotten men. They sometimes work on an island, trying to stop rabid pass rushers one-on-one, while other times they’re cogs in complex schemes that demand perfect spacing and precision timing.

NFL considers changing extra point? Let's leave it right where it is | The MMQB with Peter King
The premise is that the point-after has become pointless. A mere formality of a play. To that I say, what’s wrong with formalities? They have their place. Even in football.

The 10 Teams That Should Dominate Free Agency | Grantland
Philadelphia Eagles - Ideal Free-Agent Blueprint: QB Tarvaris Jackson, DE Antonio Smith, DT B.J. Raji, S Jairus Byrd

The N.F.L. Begins to Wake Up -
Last year’s National Football League season was tainted by on-field racial slurs and the bullying of a Miami Dolphins player. Of course, professional football players operate in an emotional, intensely competitive and physically punishing environment. It is obviously not your normal workplace. But, as employees, there is no reason they should be immune from modern standards of workplace conduct.

The 100% real and final guide to NFL Free Agency - PFT Commenter, SB Nation NFL
Chances are if your reading this, your a idiot who doesn't know anything about football players or how to make a good football decision. No offence, its just that most "casual fans" (might as well be a "casual" breather) dont know there butthole from a foxhole much less which players they would want to be in it once the battle starts out there on the gridiron.

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