The Sportstorian: An Introduction


According to, a historian is someone who writes or studies history, especially someone who is an authority on it. Well, as a person who studies sports history a lot (my girlfriend will tell you this is all too true), I feel I have enough knowledge and intelligence to give myself the following esteemed title: The World's First Sportstorian (trademark pending, I hope).

As the Sportstorian, I will attempt to compare and contrast current people, teams, events, and any other relevant items of the day on a historical scale as accurately and keenly as possible. How will I will do this? I will use numerous resources and great research to find close enough historical doppelgangers to items happening now, using the following the methodology:

  • Determine what factors best define a current sports item
  • Use those factors to find similar items throughout the modern sports era (for the sake of being able to compare as fairly as possible, I will define the modern sports era as starting in 1954. Why then? That was the year Sports Illustrated began, which I believe is the most influential sports magazine created, and had a tremendous impact on the sports world. It was also a year that was part of the dawn of the television having its impact on sports, which is fairly obvious to everyone.)
  • Determine how similar each factor are pertaining to each item, using stats, accounts, and other information
  • Break down my final findings in my blog post for you, the people, to examine and discuss. Nicely, of course

So, with this explanation out of the way, I hope to begin the process of better understanding today's sports world by looking at yesterday's. In this way, I hope you guys who will read and share, hopefully, will become more enriched, enlightened, and entertained about how the events and people that make us so passionate and give us something to bond over. After all, as George Santayana once said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". This case, for us, it will argue how will something likely end when you can already know the answer. Hopefully, I will take care of that. And away the Sportstorian goes!

Obviously, this being a Philly sports blog, I will write mainly about things regarding our beloved teams all across the SB Nation blogscape. However, there will be items non-Philly related I will address, if I feel like it. My first official Sportstorian post will not be that, though. It will be about the Eagles, as they set to begin free agency. I will see who they best compare to, from this, determine what we can expect from them. That will be up on Monday. Thanks for reading and I hope you will continue to do so.

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