My outtake on the Eagles and how they rank among other NFL teams


Last season, the Eagles offense was second in yards per game and fourth in scoring. The Broncos led in both categories. The Eagles did have the most rushing yards per game and most yards per play. The Eagles averaged 417.3 yards per game and 27.6 points per game. The Broncos averaged 457.3 yards per game and 38.1 points per game. However, the Eagles did not play with Nick foles until later in the season and had Michael Vick starting for the first handful of games.

With Foles, the Eagles had 436 yards per game and 33 points per game. It's still not as good as the Broncos but it's a closer margin. With Foles, we had a 0.7 turnover average while the Broncos had a 1.7 turnover average with Manning at QB. The Packers were missing Aaron Rodgers for about half the season too. With Rodgers the Packers scored 30.6 points per game and had 443.1 yards per game with a 2.2 turnover average. The Broncos, Eagles, and Packers have the three best offenses in my opinion. But the Eagles have the best for a couple of reasons:

1. The Eagles have the best running game in the league. We average the most yards per game. The Packers have a great running game too but it is no where as elite as the Eagles. With Knowshon Moreno hitting free agency, the Broncos are going to have to rely on Montee Ball to carry the ball.

2. The Eagles have a great receiving core. The Eagles have one of the best receiving cores in the league with Jackson, Cooper, and Maclin. It's a top five receiving core. The Broncos had a great receiving core last year but Decker is going into free agency and Welker will be 33 next year.

3. We have one of the best offensive lines in the league. The Eagles have a great offensive line in Peters, Mathis, Kelce, Herremons, and Johnson. Johnson is coming off a good rookie year and should improve in year two and Peters, Mathis, and Kelce are all in the top five for their position.


The Eagles defense was not as good as their offense. They ranked as one of the worst in the league in yards allowed but thanks to their bend but don't break defense ranked 14th in points allowed. They have one of the best 3-4 defensive lines in football with Thornton, Logan, and Cox. Thornton is one of the best run stopping defensive ends in the league and is part of why the Eagles had a top 10 run defense. The Eagles struggled against the pass and have a terrible secondary. There safeties are mediocre and they could upgrade their cornerbacks. Brandon Boykin is most likely the best slot corner in the league and had six interceptions last year.

The Eagles also need a pass rushing outside linebacker to help out Kendricks. They can get a pass rushing OLB and one or two safeties through free agency and the draft. The defense that is most similar to the Eagles is the Cowboys. The Eagles allowed 394.2 yards per game and 23.9 points per game. The Cowboys allowed 415.3 yards per game and 27 points per game. The Eagles defense did better than the Cowboys last year but the Cowboys had a lot of injuries. The Eagles defense is a little better than the Cowboys but both are somewhat similar. Both defenses run a 3-4 and both have some pieces but are an incomplete unit. I would rank the Eagles defense about 15th which is about average in the league. The Eagles defense was on the field a lot due to the fast pace offense which is why they gave up so many yards. The defense does have room to improve and some of the holes can be filled this offseason.

Special teams:

Alex Henery is a below average kicker. He can not be trusted to kick long field goals and can not be trusted to kick touchbacks. Teams often got good field position because of this. However, the Eagles do have one of the best punters in the league in Donnie Jones. Jones had many clutch punts that pinned the opposing team late in the game. The Eagles will probably bring a kicker in to compete with Henery at training camp. There is not much talent in free agency with the top two kickers back on their teams so they might bring in a rookie to compete for the job. Returning is also a small problem for the Eagles. Brad Smith showed flashes as a player that can return the ball but what I would do is try to sign Devin Hester in free agency. Hester is the best kick/ punt returner in NFL history. This will fix our problems of returning the ball and will get us better field position on offense.


The Eagles have one of the best coaches in the NFL. He turned a 4-12 team into a 10-6 team in just one season. He also helped break many team and league records in his first season. The Eagles offense was below average two years ago and now it is one of the best in the league. He has helped develop many young players into great players such as Brandon Boykin or Nick Foles. Kelly will have a tough job next year because there will be more tape on him next year and people have a better understanding of his offense. Kelly does have his faults such as throwing the challenge flag, clock management, etc. but that is expected in his first year in the NFL. Hopefully Kelly will develop and become a great coach and help the Eagles to prosper.

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