Mock offseason (pre-free agency)

Moves already made as of 3/4:
Riley Cooper resigned (5 yr, 22.5 mil) (he got 22.5, not 25, check spotrac)
Jeremy Maclin resigned (1 yr, 5.5 mil)
Jason Kelce extended (6 yr, 37.5 mil)
Jason Peters extended (4 yr, 41 mil)
Cedric Thornton resigned (1 yr, 645,000)
Jason Avant cut (3.25 mil saved)
Cap number after moves: 24.6 mil

This slew of moves were all great for the franchise. Jason Kelce's contract gets an A+ due to the fact that he's one of the league's best up and coming centers and a perfect fit for this Chip Kelly offense. He is now signed through 2020 and will be a member of this team for a long time. Jason Peters deal is another great one due to the fact that we met the issue of his age (32) by not giving him too much guaranteed money, and having all of it paid in the first two years of his extension, so after two year (in the case of a significant decline) we pick whether to pay him or not. Riley's contract numbers were a tad too high for my tastes, but were not bolstered with too much guaranteed money, so again we can part ways in the case of a decline. I'm happy to see Riley back though due to the chemistry he has with Nick Foles. Jeremy Maclin was correct to take the 1 year deal, even though I wish we could have locked him up for 5 years at a discounted rate like the front office tried to do. He knows he can go out and "ball out" to earn his big payday. Whether the Eagles will pay him or another team is yet to be seen, but I see him as a great addition to this already extremely talented offense. Cedric will be restricted next year, and since his rights were exclusive this year, it was either take the contract or retire. Jason Avant was a player I didn't wanna see go, but a necessary move to free up cap space. I see him ending up in KC with Coach Reid.

Another interesting factor in these moves is in both Jason Kelce's and Riley Cooper's contracts, they are both slated to make just under 2 mil in the first year of their contracts. Though I may just be reading too much into things, it seems the Eagles wanna keep their cap number high this year... I wonder why. Another thing, though true Eagles fans already know this, these trade DeSean rumors are stupid. They are backed by no fact, have no true source or proof what so ever, and are just speculation the media ran with.

So without further ado, I give you my predictions:

Donnie Jones (4 yr, 6 mil, 2 mil guaranteed)- No brainer, we just can't open negotiation with him till free agency begins. I think those were part of the terms in his contract. Though I'm not entirely sure.
Nate Allen (2 yr, 4 mil, 1.5 guaranteed in 1st year of contract)- A player who has been subjected to defensive scheme changes every year he's been in Philadelphia. A depth purposes only player, but I think he gets a chance to compete in camp
Colt Anderson (3 yr, 3 mil)- kept for excellent special teams play)
Phillip Hunt- Not doing numbers, but somewhere around 500,000 and just to compete in camp
These signings take a 5 mil cap hit

DeMeco Ryans- Base salary cut to 4.5 mil, add money to signing bonus, guarantee more money, and add tackle incentives. (1.5 saved this year)
Trent Cole- This year stays the same, but next years salary is cut to 7 mil, sack and tackle incentive added as well (no cap effect this year)
1.5 mil saved this year

Patrick Chung- he sucked in this system (3.25)
Brad Smith- Just looked unimpressive (1.5)
Alex Henery- Were all in agreement it's upgrade time (600,000)
These cuts save about 5.3 mil in cap space

Brandon Graham- Trade for 4th rounder to Oakland, they can easily cover his expenses and can play him at his natural 4-3 DE position (500,000 saved) (would love to see that Dion Jordan trade happen, but don't think it will happen as of right now)
James Casey- trade for 4th and 7th round picks from Packers, they need a TE with Finley on his way out and Casey has the ability to start (4 mil saved) (Casey is a versatile player and a lot of teams want his services)
Trades save 4.5 mil

Cap after these moves: 30.95 mil
Now that's a pretty number right there. It's a great number to work with. subtract about 5 mil for rookie deals and your left with about 26 mil for free agency. Though the eagles most likely won't spend it all, It'd be nice to see the team with that much money and 10 draft picks.
Positions of need: S, OLB, depth all over defense, O line depth.

Free Agency:
Safety: Since my last post the safety outlook has improved drastically. The Bills and Browns both elected not to tag their respective star safeties. The Panthers tagged star DE Greg Hardy, leaving themselves with very little cap room and a lot more players to resign, meaning S Mike Mitchell will most likely need a new home. Antoine Bethea and Donte Whitner both look to be leaving their respective teams. And the likes of Malcom Jenkins, Chris Clemons, Jason Ihegibo, and many other are looking to the open market. So who I see the Eagles landing as of right now, well...
S Jarius Byrd- I know, every Eagles fan wants this guy on the team, but there's a lot of logic behind this move too. I've been watching Byrd's interviews, and he really wants to find a team where he is a good fit and can help take that team "over the top", where he has a chance of winning the Super Bowl, and where he can get payed. The Eagles can offer all of those things. He already know Coach Kelly from his days at Oregon, and thinks very highly of him. He would be a great scheme fit, and would really strengthen this defense. Even though Ward will also be a promising option, I ultimately think he will return to Cleveland, they have too much cap space not to resign him. Eagles are gonna have to turn out their pockets a bit though. (4 yr, 38 mil)
DE/OLB Everson Griffen- 6'3', 273 pounds. ran a 4.66 at the combine (4 years ago though) and shows impressive strength and pass rush ability. Described as small for his position (as a 4-3 DE, but perfect height for a 3-4 linebacker) I have no clue how he would play in coverage, I've never seen that tape on him, but he as all the intangibles to make a good pass rushing 3-4 OLB (has size to also play at DE, won't do it consistently but could help to give Cox or Thornton and breather). Vikings are looking to keep Jared Allen while also missing a starting QB and seem to be just outside of the range to get a good one in the draft (Texans, Browns, Jaguars, Raiders, Buccaneers all pick before them and have a need at QB), so they'll most likely have to buy one in free agency. They also need upgrades and replacements all over their defense, so Griffen is most likely a luxury they can't afford. (4 yr, 20 mil) (it's a little high but it's free agency, there's always competition and the man is gonna be sought after) (yes i copy and pasted this from my last post)
K Dan Carpenter- Just 28 years old, Carpenter went 33-36 last year and made all but one of his kicks from 40, and was 4-6 from 50+ yards out. He's a solid kicker and can provide the Eagles with a little more consistency at the position. (hopefully he doesn't choke in the playoffs like Akers and Henery) (3 yr, 6 mil)
QB Shaun Hill- A bit of an unknown in the QB market this year, Hill has always been a solid back up and could provide a veteran presence to help the development of Nick Foles. An easy move and worth the money (2 yr, 7 mil)
That leaves the Eagles with about 7 mil in cap space (again draft picks and UDA already accounted for). I expect some of this to be used, maybe 3 mil for depth purposes, and the rest to be allocated for rollover to next years cap to help with the extensions of Nick Foles, Fletcher Cox, Mycheal Kendricks, and Brandon Boykin, the hopeful resigning of Jeremy Maclin, and the resigning or replacing of Bradley Fletcher.

Round 1, Pick 22- Darqueze Dennard, CB, Michigan State- With Justin Gilbert's combine performance, he has solidified the fact that he will be gone before the Eagles pick. Dennard however had a sub par combine performance and is a player I can see falling to us. A draft with a deeper corner class could make teams address other issues first. Dennard is a press man corner, which would fit perfectly into the Eagles scheme. He shows above average tackling ability for a corner. I call him a sticky corner, which means when he's in man coverage he is very difficult to shake off. Can easily be thrown in to our corner group to compete for a starting job, and can replace Fletcher or Williams in the future or even this year with a strong camp.

Deone Buchannon, S, Washington State- This is where things get difficult to mock, the Eagles go for best player available and at this point in the draft someone has always fallen pretty far. But as of right now, I'm drafting on what we need and what I think will be available, this is who I think the Eagles get. I like Trent Murphy and Jimmie Ward, but I see them as early second round picks, and if not, the cowboys have expressed interest in ward and the packers in Murphy, and they both pick before us. Doesn't necessarily mean they will take them but I don't think they will be options at 54. Buchannon is debated to be a 3rd round talent, but I honestly don't see it. In my eyes he's a second round talent and I believe a lot of people would agree with me. He's a physical tackler, smart and can read the play well to determine to drop or play the run, and has a knack for special teams play. He could easily be thrown into a competition with Wolff, and Allen the second starting safety position. If he loses he can develop for a year or two and play on special teams. He also has good size which is something Chip Kelly likes in his defenders. (again, yes I copied and pasted from my last one)

Round 3, Pick 86- Telvin Smith, ILB, Florida State- Not sure where he would play at first, I think he could play at both ILB and safety. He's got great closing speed, can sniff out screens very well, can run through contact very well and shows great coverage skill. He reminds me a lot of Mycheal Kendricks, I just think he's a tad slower. His coverage skills are what I like most about him, if we're playing a pass happy team with a good TE, Smith could be a very good option to match up with that. Also provides depth at LB and could potentially become a starter on special teams. Also was a combine standout and showed excellent speed and fluid movement throughout all of his drills.

Round 4, Pick 103 (from Raiders)- Dakota Dozier, OG, Furman- A small school LT, though he stepped up in his big games (especially LSU). Big and physical, Dozier seems better suited to slide inside to guard in the pros. Has a lot of potential but needs coaching on his footwork and hand use. However provides excellent run blocking and has a very strong base. Reminds me a lot of Jason Kelce, and I know we would all like to have another guy like him on the team.

Round 4, Pick 117 (from Packers)- Adrian Hubbard, OLB, Alabama- A physical specimen, has the size, weight, and length Chip Kelly likes in his players. Shows great potential but will take some developing. His strength around the edge and ability to uproot blockers and disrupt plays make him a very interesting pick. Also provides much needed depth at OLB.

Round 4, Pick 118- Deandre Coleman, DT, California- Outstanding size and weight, perfect for a 3-4 defensive end. great against double teams and is going to be an accomplished two gap plugger. Pass rush needs refinement but is excellent against the run and will provide much needed depth on the defensive line.

Round 5, Pick 150 (from Patriots)- Cody Latimer, WR, Indiana- The type of receiver Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman like. He has good route running ability, strong dependable hands, an excellent route runner and is more of a possession receiver than anything else. He also shows strength after the catch to break through tackles and get as many yards as possible. Will never be a #1 or #2 receiver, but I see him having an Avant like career,

Round 5, Pick 157- Ryan Carrethers, NT, Arkansas State- Though he is short for a NT (6'1'), he is still 337 pounds and a force to be reckoned with at NT. He would provide a rotational player to give Bennie Logan a breather. He is a two gap stuffer, hard hitting big man. He is also a weight room warrior and will fit in well with the scheme.

Round 7, Pick 213 (from Packers)- John Brown, WR, Pittsburgh St.- Not drafted for receiving ability. Will serve as primary punt and kick returner and as a gunner on special teams.

Round 7, Pick 214- Kadeem Edwards, OG, Tennessee St.- Has great size, long arms and very good in the run game. Physical and can get to the second level easily, seems like a great fit for Chip Kelly's scheme. Adds depth to O line.

My Eagles:
QB: Foles, Hill, Barkley
RB: McCoy, Polk, Brown
WR1: Jackson, Johnson
WR2: Cooper, Latimer
Slot: Maclin, Brown
TE: Ertz, Celek
LT: Peters, Kelly
LG: Mathis, Dozier
C: Kelce, Vandervelde
RG: Herramens, Edwards
RT: Johnson, Tobin

DE: Thornton, Kruger
NT: Logan, Carrethers
DE: Cox, Coleman
OLB: Barwin, Griffen
ILB: Kendricks, Goode
ILB: Ryans, Smith
OLB: Cole, Hubbard
CB: Fletcher, Boykin(slot corner)
CB: Williams, Dennard
FS: Byrd, Allen
SS: Wolff, Buchannon

K: Carpenter
P: Jones
LS: Dorenbos
KR/PR: Brown
ST Ace: Anderson

That's a very successful offseason in my opinion, though I know if you guys have a problem with it you'll let me know. So let the criticism begin.

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