+-The quadrilionth Mock or anything not DJax related (so tired of that story right now)...list some prospects here also

22 CB JASON VERRETT: too versatile as a secondary defender to pass up despite his lack of size. Our secondary would be both immediately improved and pretty set for years at several positions.

Honorable mention: Dee Ford (immediate pass rush help) or Justin Gilbert (despite couple minor holes in his game that may be coachable, too much size/talent to pass up).

Dream scenario: we move up and get the undersized yet studly Dlineman from Pitt. He is the best interior pass rusher in the draft and underrated against the run. Or we move down for an extra pick but still get one of the three mentioned above. Of course, if WR Evans falls to 22, then that would also be nice, but unlikely.

54 DE MARCUS SMITH: starter by end of rookie season at ROLB that isn't a 1 trick pony. His all around game maybe allows him or Barwin to move inside to ILB once Ryans is gone if a suitable replacement isn't found.

Honorable mention: If Smith is gone then draft any of the well thought of 2nd round WR's.....Robinson, Matthews, or ODB Jr., or maybe even Martavis Bryant....who are on the board.

86 WR MARTAVIS BRYANTt or TE C.J. FIEDOROWICZ or the TE from Notre Dame as the future Celek replacement (both blockers who will surprise you with the occasional nice grab).

Honorable mention: If all are gone, then best remaining safety or DB prospect. There should still be decent ones left on the board at this point.

122 DE JAMES GAYLE: looks like maybe future starter caliber player or depth/situational pass rusher. He's definitely 3-4 OLB material and not DE.

Honorable Mention: This or any of the later rounds also might be a good round for a dual threat backup QB. As we saw with Vick, a running QB in this offense is very capable of coming off the bench and winning a game or two. Tajh Boyd becomes rather tempting at this point......kind of like the hot girl who you know you shouldn't get mixed up with or the entire box of ice cream that you shouldn't eat.

162 WR Josh Huff or RB James White or DAT or maybe Archer. Basically, some sort of legitimate non-traditional offensive threat. I like White as the top backup RB. He can also take snaps out of the shot gun for the occasional trick play. Huff has slot, blocking, and screen passes written all over him in a Kelly offense. DAT and Archer would both be nice toys for Chip. If none of these guys are on the board, then maybe a falling WR who can make the catches in traffic over the middle or in the red zone. There are a good number of them in this draft who might fall to the 5th thru 7th rounds.

Honorable mention: Safety Johnathan Dowling if he drops to this point might be a future starter. He lacks ideal speed for what the Eagles look for in a safety. But his quickness/size combo at 6'3'' and overall ability to read and jump routes and make tackles might make him a worthwhile grab anywhere from round 4 or later.

237 DT JAY BROMLEY: Might be wishfull thinking for him to drop here. Very nice 2nd effort pursuit along the LOS and good burst/physicality at the point of attack. He offers more as a run defender than pass rusher. But I could see him as a nice rotational/depth NT.....better than most mid to late round DT's that have been mentioned on this site.

Honorable Mention: It looks like other 3-4 Dlineman or rotational NT's may fall to this round who can be nice role players if Bromley is off the board. 6'6''-ish tall guys like Hart or Urban come to mind for DE.

Trades: if we can grab either Marcus Smith or a situation pass rushing OLB that we have any faith in, I'd also move Graham for a late round pick or in order to swap picks and move up in any of the first 3 rounds. If Bryce Brown can fetch us the same, I'm even more interested in moving him.

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