Desean Jackson: I finally figured out what could be the Eagles real concern and its not good

First off, I would like to say this article is 100% speculative. I mean in no way to dishonor Deseans name. For all we know the eagles could be dead wrong in their analysis, but i think it would be foolish to consider the eagles released him and not even considered taking the lowest minimum draft pick they could of got for him because they felt it would be not appropriate to trade Desean to a team without a team knowing everything regarding Deseans situation.

Well what else is there to know? Im kind of shocked that the jets are rumored to have offered a 4th and 5th round pick for his services, and its now being said there may of been around 10 teams that Roseman was speaking to trying to deal Desean and we simply turned around and released him because the eagles felt it would be inappropriate to receive draft picks for him because of details other teams might not know? Well whats all the details?

1. contract - chip kelly said at the owners meeting morning breakfast Desean never once asked for a new contract. He sounded pretty sincere about that also. I was under the impression that was a major focus point but Chip refuted it and even came to Deseans defense when asked about what Desean said after the saints game about his contract and how he thinks he outplayed it. Check out the link and interview for yourself by clicking below

2. locker room problem - i simply have a hard time believing the eagles would flat out release a player that has as much value as Desean with offers as little or as bad as the offers may be on the table. If he was simply a head case or diva, which in no doubt im sure he is, it wouldnt steer all teams away from trading for him. In fact we are rumored to have trade partners as i stated before. Why wouldnt the eagles trade him for at least any kind of draft pick when we have so many holes as it is already and would be creating another hole by getting rid of our best play maker and with so few draft picks? Heck I'd take a 5th, 6th, or 7th at this point now that everything is over and done with. But they didnt because they felt it would be inappropriate to and almost in a way "taking advantage" of a team so to speak by dealing him to another team that didn't have the full details. What other full details could their be? If hes a bad locker room guy than it seems the issue is pretty straight forward. Theres plenty of other divas in the league and even on our team im sure. As kind and thoughtful as the eagles would like to make themselves out to be, I simply believe there has to be something damning that the eagles know or suspect.

3. gang ties - ok, so he may or may not of flashed gang symbols - he may have people he grew up with that have gang ties. alot of people pointed out so do alot of other players that have grown up in inner city areas. I think the eagles would of done their homework before they drafted him. They kept him all these years knowing the type of player Desean is, who his friends are ect ect ect. It very well could be as nj.coms article pointed out that Chip and company simply got tired of Deseans inner circle, being late for meetings, not being a great locker room presence, but that simply doesn't mean you dont try to trade him for picks when we have so few draft picks already. Why now? Why just drop him out of the blue 45 minutes after elliot shorr-parks article comes out? Even Derrick Ward had a great point in his twitter tirade. Derrick Ward grew up in a inner city and had relatives that gang banged and who were criminals. Why bring up Deseans ties to people he grew up with? Who he is friends with when hes never been committed of any serious offense besides a traffic stop years ago and when Riley Cooper gets a pass for something far more foul and Desean doesn't? Race play a factor? Some might like you to believe that but Jefferey Lurie is a business man and Desean Jackson made him alot of money and sold alot of tickets and still could if he was still in a eagles uniform. I don't think Chip would put his team in such a hole at wide receiver or Lurie would approve of such a move as to just release him, certainly not if we could of gotten something in return for him, as little in value as it might of been.This is after all a business, and you dont just give something away so quickly that you can get value for if offers were on the table or their was at least interested parties, which indeed there was.

So what did we all miss? Whats the one thing that no ones talked about yet?

His home invasion and burglary of his home. Now we've talked before about how it is ludacris to put blame on Desean Jackson just because his house was robbed, and i would agree with that. Many peoples and players homes get broken into and even with his alleged gang ties, locker room problems(which i think are blown out of proportion), contract issues(which chip says there was none of) it would be foolish to blame Deseans house being robbed as a reason for him being released or the last straw. And yet, many articles have focused on the home burglary as a concern of the eagles. But Why?

Today as i read Elliot Shorr-Parks article about his home burglary a few things noted didnt sit well with me. I'll present them to you now.

1.Jackson claims he lost 20k in cash, not 250k as first reported, a ruger handgun, and a gold and diamond presidential rolex valued at 110k.

And I'd also like to present you Howard Eskins Tweets from earlier today

Sources tell me recent "robbery" had all kinds of holes. No forced entry, no money stolen, even had little cash left. Cont

Con't..sources tell me police found less than $100 on counter along w car keys left on counter. Police told me "robbery" suspicious. Con't


On alledged "robbery" police questions. Why were car keys and less than $100 left behind. Police believe No cash stolen, only gun

Yrs ago under Andy Reid, stopped, st police source told me he had drugs and guns in car. possible felony charges dropped

Why do cops believe no money was taken when initially Jackson said 20k cash was taken? What about the the rolex watch? Why do cops say they believe only a gun was taken? Doesnt that seem odd to "ransack" an entire house and leave car keys behind and cash on the counter, but take the gun? How did they get into the house with no forced entry? Why was it that the home survailance system seemed "tampered with?"

In conclusion, I think we are all asking why we just flat out released Desean Jackson. We all want a statement from the eagles, who have issued a gag order apparently to everyone in the eagles organization? A gag order really? Why the heck would they do that? Is something really that wrong that your afraid to speak about his release to reporters? Fans demand answers after all. There has been alot of rumors and as time passes we will hear alot more about Desean and reasons why he was released. And lets keep in mind the eagles released him because they felt it would be inappropriate to trade him to another team that didnt have the full scope of what the story is, whatever the story may be. i believe, in my opinion that the eagles brass either know something or suspect something isnt right with the home burglary. And if Eskins reports are true, I think were gonna have to start thinking about why that gun was the only thing stolen from his home? Doesn't it seem odd the cops are only acknowledging the gun being stolen, not the money or car or anything else? Doesn't it also seem odd that whomever Eskins sources are say the robbery also looks suspicious? Forget the locker room issues, if any damning reports come out, im starting to feel its going to involve that home invasion and i ask myself again, why would a robber ransack his home, with no forced entry, tamper cameras, and make off with just a gun and leave cash and car keys behind?

Something isn't write with that home burglary story, and I only hope it isn't something serious but with how the eagles have handled this situation so far today and with Eskins tweets from earlier, something doesn't seem too kosher

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