Money and a buttfumble

Recently with the DeSean Jackson trade rumors and now Evan Mathis desiring a new contract- a lot has been made about the Philadelphia Eagles cap situation where they are committed to 144 million next year as it stands with contract extensions for Fletcher Cox, Foles, Kendrick, and Boykins all due. But the truth is- the Eagles are in fine shape.

Big commitments to the Eagles Salary cap next year include Trent Cole, DeMeco Ryans, Carry WIlliams, James Casey, and Desean Jackson ≈ 40 million.
Trent cole (10 million, 1.6 dead money) Is aging and it was apparent last year. Trent Cole will likely face the choice that many veterans at his age face, Restructure or be released. Cole is a team first guy has spent the entirety of his career as an Eagle, but he will want a chance to start, he will be cut.
Its hard to envision a situation where the Eagles can truly afford to lose Ryans, but his near 7 million cap hit and low guaranteed money make it a serious possibility- I see them restructuring Ryans deal to be closer to 4 million.
Cary Williams came in and lit a fire on this defense- but he isn't elite. He is probably deserving of the money he would get- and because of that i think he will stay unless the Eagles find their guy through the draft this year.
James Casey was a big pickup last season who just didn't see the field. Its possible that Casey and the Eagles roll out some more 3 TE sets this year or other less popular formations such as the full house- but if things stay the same Casey will be gone.
Desean is the focus of much controversy. He wants more money- he doesn't have a team first attitude- and his production will likely never be as high as it was. At the same time- he is explosive and a pro-bowler. Truth be told- if a 4th round pick is all that is on the table- you keep him till next year and then choose to just cut ties or keep him based on production.

The way I see it- Cole and Casey are gone- and Ryans takes a pay cut. This frees up close to 18 million dollars- and the Eagles are in a fine position for another year, especially with their estimated 10$ dollar cap carryover and an estimated 10 million dollar cap increase, The eagles are close to 40 million below their cap number. And as always the eagles will give new contracts to their big name youngsters and will still have enough to bring back guys like Maclin and stay roughly 20 under the cap.

On the Sanchez note: i think he is an interesting invitee to training camp, 2 AFC championship games with less than stellar talent around him. I don't think he is a 3rd overall pick but I also dont think he is the buttfumble.- I would also like to bring in Terrell Pryor to compete for the 3rd QB slot. I think that gives you a healthy 3 qb competition for the backup role- and if you want a qb to develop who can flat out run- Pryor is that guy. On a bad Oakland Raiders team, the only complaint that you could have was his turnover's. He had a better 40 time that both Griffin and Newton, and give him 2 years to develop under Chip Kelly and these offensive coaches- 2 years to become smarter and nail his fundamentals- he would be a weapon. (He might want to compete for a starting job though and that would be hard to do on this team).

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